1. FatmanO

    [Blackpill] Proof that body matters > Estimates of physical strength determined over 70% of men's bodily attractiveness Talness and Leanness add another 10% @itsOVER finnaly by studies, body matters, quite a bit. Not as much as face but very much so
  2. kantero

    What do you think about "Bear Mode" and this video?

    I know this guy copes a lot, but i think there is some truth in this video. Ofc we know that females prefer biger (vertically and horizontally) males, but will it work if you will fake it with muscles and other tissues, not bones? Does it worth becoming bigger using tissues or its better to be...
  3. kantero

    What goal should I pursue?

    What I have: - 17yo, 183 cm, 69 kg - 16.5 cm wrists, legs look pretty solid, but arms are pretty skinny in terms of bones (have some tissues so, dont look like skeleton) - pretty short torso, i guess; protruding femurs (hips); not really wide ribcage, but medium at least shoulders; longish neck...