1. StormlitAqua

    [JFL] StormlitAqua's Plan For Ascension

    I'm tired of being incel tbqh. I am not rejecting the title, and I understand that being a virgin at 23 is not normal or good. I understand at this point that there are many genetic, unchangeable flaws with me if I made it this long. I will likely continue to be incel for a while, if not...
  2. RopeAllFemales

    [Serious] Hooded eyes are so annoying and awful

    girls are into guys with eyes with slightl eyelid exposure. Only 8 psl+ guys will look good with hooded eyes. A normie or chad lite will look nothing special in hooded eyes. Even at 10% body fat i still have hooded eyes, it literally makes your eyes look "sad" and girls dont like that. PSL'er...