[Method] how i lower my inhibitions and socializing



Nov 2, 2018
BEFORE I start I would like to point out this method won’t work for the majority and it can be overdone in where you might burn out.

skip to the method part if you don’t want the story

STORY:For you gymmaxxers you know sometimes you get joint pain from heavy lifting. Well I been smoking weed(from a bowl not a blunt or bong) and it has helped with the pains. Not only the pain but my pumps are a lot better and I can lift more. In fact my bench PR happened when I had smoked beforehand. I smoke whenever I am about to do something important like work or lift or say talking to people. Yes while i’m high(not baked out my mind but still high) I perform better at normal things. I literally can carry a conversation and talk normally and be charmastic.

Method: Find a substance which is cheap and is non addictive and doesn’t have severe side effects. Test it out during small things you do. I know many people who take addrrall or promethozine and they function better with it. I suppose this has to do with only the inhibition being lowered while other parts stay normal. Try talking to your friends particularly ones who are girls and see how they respond and talk around u while you are in a different state of mind.
This changes everything. What a discovery op
Is this actually a guide coming out of a shitskin basement?
My dad’s friend thought the same thing about cocaine so he jumped off a balcony thinking he could fly
I stopped smoking when i realized being baked out of my mind makes my whole facial muscles relax and making me look much worse than normally
the only way to lower inhibition is to repeatedly put yourself outside of your comfort zone and realize that for the most part, nothing bad happens. using drugs to lower inhib is going to make you an addict
phenibut maxxing is legit af
be sure to only use it when you really need it though (not more than twice a week imo)

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