Motivation I was 5'6" 168.2lbs (27.4 BMI) back in early February. I'm down to 147.2 lbs now (23.9 BMI). I lost nearly 10 kg! I have a jawline now! LOL



Jul 12, 2019
I still have some noticeable submental fat when I take selfies. But not in the mirror. The fucking camera adds some weight I swear.

I'm also not low body fat % enough to have an Adonis Belt, let alone a six-pack. I still have the visceral fat (abdominal fat).

I made the mistake of stopping lifting back in March. I lost more body fat than muscle. But I probably did lose some muscle. I'm back to lifting again because I need to get some of that muscle back and hope that I get rid of the visceral fat and submental fat for selfies.

When I looked at my double chin on my OHIP card (Ontario health card), I felt very self-conscious. And I gave up on the dating apps awhile back. Ever since my PSL ex left me 6 years ago, it broke me mentally. Because I always felt like I will never be able to replace her. She AFOGed every other woman I've been with.

But then I got down to 156 lbs March 23rd. Then I started eating like shit again. But then she contacted me on reddit 4 weeks ago and she chewed me out. And told me that she would never take me back. I even wrote her a 1,300+ word email apologizing to her for breaking her heart back when we dated. And proclaiming my love for her. Marvin's Room style. Even though she is with another guy now allegedly.

But then I noticed something strange. Ever since she contacted me and chewed me out, I would feel refreshed after sleeping only a few hours. And would have morning wood practically every day. And have more energy now. Whereas before I would sleep 10+ hours a day and still feel tired. And never get morning wood. Lethargic. And then I stopped eating junk food because I felt motivated because I wanted to win her back. But I legit think that my neurochemistry changed after she messaged me last month. And I think my neurochemistry helped me lose weight. Maybe its the oxytocin, vasopressin, dopamine.

When I saw that I weighed in at 147.2 lbs yesterday (and I checked another scale today to make sure its the right reading), I took some updated selfies to put on dating apps. And I notice that I'm getting some more likes now I think. Maybe I will ascend once again. I actually sent my ex a selfie a week and a half ago to show her my weight loss. But she negged me saying I'm not hot. lol. Back when we were dating, I weighed about 160 lbs on a good day. More than that. I was slaying pizza a lot back then and she encouraged me to keep eating because she said that she liked me chubby. When I was a cortisol-filled estrogenic wagecuck I actually ballooned up to nearly 180. I actually lost almost 20 lbs after becoming NEET (de-stressing helped with my weight loss for some reason). I first dated my PSL ex a few months after becoming NEET. When I was an office cuck I used to consume a lot of calories of Tim Hortons, takeout, cafeteria food and office snacks. It's like the oxytocin, vasopressin, dopamine, etc. had a weight loss effect on me.

I'm the lightest that I've been since high school. I was about 146 lbs at 16. And I'm an oldcel entering my late 30s. I'm actually in my looks prime despite my age because my NEET lifestyle for the past 7+ years prevented me from aging. And I'm in the best physical shape I've been in since high school. And when I was in high school, I was a socially inept virgin who was too shy to talk to girls. So my looks were wasted in high school.
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