Motivation Looking Back at 2018



Dec 14, 2018
Well 2018 is pretty much over, What has been your worst moment in 2018? And what has been a good moment for you.? Share them below.

maybe you got a new job, perhaps a girls number, or got accepted to a school you wanted to go. or a goal you set you have reached you set etc.

Bad moments for me in 2018: 1.tried to approach girls but i never approached anyone even after receiving obvious IOI's, After doing my first approach i get rejected.
2.Kicked from school with a record of 1 month, got kicked years ago from IT school lastest 9 months, But had anxiety problems.
3.Wasted most of my time playing video games.
4.Embarrassed my self multiple times

Good moments: 1. Every setback made me Mentally stronger
2.Kept going and pushing harder with working out.
3.Knowledge i gathered from multiple scenarios that made me understood psychology more from Females.
4.Learned Body language skills and facial expressions.
5.Stopped trying to get girls and focusing more on my self and my purpose.

as you can see not much good moments, still single but this will change but im not worried about. i dont believe in new years eve and this whole new years resolution
i look forward to every other monday, monday is when hard work starts monday most people dont look forward too i look forward to it so i can do my thing. why wait till the new year to do something? and having trouble maintaining the goal you set, Its because you gave your self a plan b, if i want to do soemthing i try to do it the next day heck why not start now! Start now guys dont wait what you want to achieve in life,

Dont count the days, Make the days count - Mohammad Ali,.
If not now when? if not us who? - John F Kennedy.

Lets do this! 2019 is the years of hard work, No time for the weak only the strong ones will survive show em your strong! no more excuses.
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Ascend or Rope
Oct 3, 2018
4.20% less inclination to be a cuck after this year, steady improvement each year.

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