Sex ratio. World wide. It's fucked up in the West (1 Viewer)



Aug 29, 2019
This one shows the amount of woman per 1 man.

Fucked are: USA, China, Middle East, India, Euarope, Australia.
Better ones are: Russia/USSR countries, eastern europe, southe america, some parts of Africa. Bascially, the bigger the shithole, the better the ratio.
Hence why men had it easier after WW2, many men died, and the ratio was in favour of the men that surfified; and thus normie dude could get decent to nice looking wife.

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or we could just mew chew and push swallow then stop humanity from being on average a subhuman recessed people
i can’t believe i was sold the lie that one day i would fall in love get married and have children

why would you raise a child to believe that he has something wonderful to look forward to in life it’s cruel
Mexico is red because men disproportionately move to US and work under the radar. Most of the illegals from Mexico and Central America in the US do not show up in census data that map is based on, thus US is worse than that map represents.
like any of that shit matters

jfl if u think getting laid due to being the only shitty option available is an accomplishment
can u show a map with words on it? I dont understand this

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