Discussion Why Face/Height/Frame Cannot truly mog eachother.



Sep 9, 2021
It is important to note that many Height, Frame, Face, Voice, etc can exhibit many of the same feelings. However, similar to the way different people enjoy different genres of music; Women also prefer different mediums of these attractive markers. IE: Mystery through being 6'5 vs hunter eyes. They both have a similar affect of adding mystery to their character, simply through different mediums. It is easiest to think of as a pie chart with different aspects contributing different amounts of attraction.

The purpose of this thread is to disprove the idea that Face/Height always mogs the other.

Height over everything else.
Definition: Height is valued to a degree that 80% of attraction comes from height alone. This wold equate roughly to a difference of at least a foot difference in height. IE: 5'3 female to 6'3 male to fully realize the affect

  • The fact they have to physically move their heads up to make eye contact.
  • The difference in their proportions compared to average height.
  • Them being placed 6+ inches higher in comparison to other males adds mystery and intrigue to their character + combined with the fact that many taller men tend to be fairly quiet and stoic
  • They tend to have deeper voices than usual, however the effect is more prominent with height+frame
Height/Frame Over everything (Mogging power over other men not to be underestimated)
Definition: Height and frame are valued to a degree that 80% come from height and frame alone with different proportions with a minimum of 30% and max of 50% coming from either respectively
(strictly frame doesn't really exist since the type of woman to enjoy a large frame would 99% prefer a larger and therefore taller man)

  • All of previous height benefits -slight degradation to mysterious factor due to appearing less vertical.
  • They need to feel that their partner, boyfriend, etc. A large frame projects dominance and strength and provides feeling of comfort and safety
  • A large frame + Average+ height almost always results in a deep, booming voice which signals dominance and power.
  • Large feet and hands can also add to perceived attractiveness. Large hands can make a massive difference during physical contact. + wearing size 15 nikes can play off of the big feet = big dick belief. On top of this they both add to the perceived "largeness" of an individual.
Face Over everything.
High levels of symmetry combined proportionate features. Along with the prefered amount of dimorphic ornamentation. Despite what some on this site seem to believe, extreme masculinity can be just as off-putting as extreme femininity. While I cannot deny his appeal, to me Gandy's face looks like it's "burnt" due to it lacking any feminine feature to provide any form of contrast and results in his face being 1 dimensional and boring. In a similar sense, I find Roger Garth to be too feminine, lacking any strong masculine features and literally passing for female in many of his photos.

  • The face is the #1 determiner for markers of health by the subconscious mind. There's a reason a whole part of the brain lights up upon seeing an attractive face. I feel little reason to add more due to the fact that the experience of an attractive face is similar across both males and females.

Face + Height

Definition: Height/face are 90% of attraction. A large frame is can even be seen as a negative due to the number of women that prefer prettyboy that fit into this category. Height isn't as important as in other height-based categories as face generally makes up 50%+ of attraction in this cateogry.


  • Apply all features of Height + face.
  • May compound mystery depending on eye area.

Face+Height+Frame required.
Definition: All 3 is found in <0.1% of the population. These are the ultimate, otherworldly slayers of our reality, nothing more needs to be said.

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