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Jul 1, 2020
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LordNorwood said:
"Pheno" comes from "phenotype", which is a biological term.
Phenotype is the term used in genetics for the composite observable characteristics or traits of an organism. The term covers the organism's morphology or physical form and structure, its developmental processes, its biochemical and physiological properties, its behavior, and the products of behavior.
The term is used in a loose way in PSL and seems to describe a set of interrelated concepts. I've detected these as
1. A kind of sub-racial class. This idea of human phenotype is based on anthropological work done in the 20th century which has long since fallen out of fashion (guess why). If someone says "Nordic" or "North Atlantid" this is usually the kind of idea they're referring to, if even imperfectly.
2. A kind of sub-racial class, plus coloration. So even more specific.
3. The kind of "vibe" you give off, what kind of image you present physically to the world. People refer to this when they say things like "school shooter pheno" or "bathroom selfie pheno". This takes into account #1 above but not always #2. The implication is that if a perfectly NT person (very well socially adjusted to the collective mindset) were to see you, they would immediately categorize you as "x" based on how you look.
Let's start by talking about some popular phenotypes thrown around in PSL. Here I'm going to show the real examples of these phenotypes for reference.

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Note the light coloration. This is literally as white as you can get. A few subtypes below:
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The Hallstatt type is usually seen as the most typical modern variety.

This phenotype is concentrated in Sweden and Norway but some of them apparently can even be found in as far away as Greece. Note the variation from the base phenotype in the narrower face.

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This is the Viking pheno. A heavier version of the base phenotype offered.

Let's move on to the "king" of PSL phenos.

North Atlantid
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Brown, sometimes black or reddish hair with light, often blue eyes. Prominent, hyperleptorrhine, long-tipped nose that may be convex or concave. Forehead is narrow and sloping, mandible small, malars compressed.
Most people on PSL are more attached to the coloration than the "hard" physical attributes - blue eyes plus pale skin and dark hair is the most high-contrast possible coloration while still being unmistakably white, therefore it is superior.
This phenotype is mostly found in "Ireland and parts of Britain", and is consider a "combination of Nordid and Mediterranean traits". There are no sub-types of this, as it itself is already considered a sub-type.

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The pheno every Indian wishes they were. As per definition, this phenotype is concentrated all around the Mediterranean Sea. This gives some insight as to why it is something of a border case between ethnics and whites - Southern European nations as well as North African and some Middle Eastern nations all touch the Mediterranean. This one is most useful to break down into subtypes.

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This is also called the "Atlantid Mediterranid". Most common in North Africa and Southern Europe.

Gracile Mediterranid
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This phenotype is most common in Southern European nations (Italy, Spain, France) and is much less common elsewhere. Therefore, it can probably be considered the most representative phenotype of the "Med" term used in PSL, since its the most European.
Oval, narrow face with refined and gracile features. Straight, hyperleptorrhine, not very long nose. Mildly rounded forehead.

Trans Mediterranid
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The variety of Med that is North African pretty much. Found in Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, etc.
Dolicho- mesocephalic, mildly hypsicranic with an oval, often long face, big eyes and a straight, (hyper-)leptorrhine, high-bridged nose.

Now to cover some phenotypes belonging to other important racial classes.

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This is the classic Indian phenotype.
Generally dark haired with light to medium brown skin and long-headed. Forehead high, relatively narrow, straight nose, often gracile facial features with a modeled chin.
The skin color is very distinctive in Indian types and kind of has this "warmth" to it, probably linked with the undertones. Notice the difference in eyes, nose, and even brow-ridge when compared with the Med phenotypes. We're getting farther away from European traits. This is purposeful, this guide began with the "most white" phenotype and is generally working its way outward.

Indo Melanid
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Probably one of the lowest value phenos out there in SMV terms, if not the absolute lowest. The biggest detractor here is the dark skin color paired with non-African features.
Features appear overall Caucasian, the hair is wavy, the root of the triangular nose relatively high and wider than in Indids, lips not very thick. However, the skin is very dark brown, often even darker than in Veddids.

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Similar to the above, basically their skin is not quite as dark but their features are much less Caucasian. Note the African-ish nose.

Now for fun, some rice phenotypes.

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This is probably the most dominant phenotype in the human race in terms of sheer numbers.
The dominant group of East Asia and the most numerous in the world.
Body often slender, limbs short, skull medium long, rather high, face relatively long and flat, Mongolian fold common, nose not very wide, skin light yellowish-brown, hair straight and black, body hair scarce.

If you were to grab a random human living today out of a magic hat, chances are you grabbed a Sinid more than any other type.

South Mongolid
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This is the "jungle asian" pheno. Notice the marked difference in skin color.

There are other subtypes besides. If you want to explore for yourself, this site is where these are all sourced and is a good place for more info:
All facts and good thread but most Indians are a mix of the 3 phenos tho including myself. Some have medditeran genes too if you're from western states like Punjab,Gujarat, and Kerala
Lord Phobium

Lord Phobium

May 13, 2021
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These descriptions are great! I seem to mostly be of the Mediterranean type, the Eurafricanid type more specifically (even if I am generally more on the overweight side).

Though you did forget to mention the African, Amerindian, and Australian Aborigine types. Even if I am neither one of those ethnicities it would still be helpful.


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I can't help but laugh just by looking at ethnic phenos
it's beyond me :feelsgood:


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whats B @badg96 pheno?

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