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Ascended ex-mentalcel
Sep 11, 2018

A solid 4.5 nowadays imo, the eyes are really weird in the second pic tho.
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He looks better in his selfe tbh.
He conquered the blackpill.
squintmaxxed his way to success
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He went from a -2 PSL to a 2 PSL, still a truecel.
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Went from a drug addict to a drug addicted pedophile
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At the very least you can admire his positive efforts. Most negative incels usually give up on everything altogether & accept their doom, this gives hope to all 1s & 2s around this flat world. Will never be a 9+ Chad but can at least fit into society’s shadows.
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Only change is the chin
Where the hell did you get that picture ? I wonder if BO2cel was aware of the fact that he's a notorious meme.
A bit below avg, but can ascend. Thats so nice.
Mogs me to hell and back.
He needs to get his hair fixed ffs it's the easiest thing for him to do and still hasn't done that. Still pale and shitty skin
I can't wait to do CIA research on him after I wagecuck. I really need to find his facebook ngl. What a cute specimen tho.
Imagine how hard it is for him to get a job
IS That really him before?
Where do all these new pictures of our lord keep coming from?
He’s 6”3 so it’s not over. He just needs to get over his obsession with final fantasy. Hit the gym get massive. Spend more than 5 seconds in the sun, get some colour on him and hard mew.
Where do all these new pictures of our lord keep coming from?
Someone found his facebook.
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chechen slayer
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He’s like 6’5”.. he was never incel.. look at that 2nd pic.. that’s not the expression of someone rotting away from loneliness and missing out on life
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Tall and white. Cant be incel

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