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Popo Crew
Aug 11, 2018
I fought another blsck guy and since that day my test levels have spiked. I am certain of it. My chest hair grown (first time my chest hairs have appeared), shoulder hair, facial hair, bideltoid increased by 0.5 inch either side.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, young males (15-25) would battle bulls for dominance and would battle each other. This would accelerate their puberty and increase their T profile. This may just be a correlation and not a cause but I think the 2 are strongly linked.

If you are a young male who hasn' fought in the past 5 years, start fighting to increase test and co fidence. Even if you lose, as long as you fucked the other guy up a bit, your test levels will still increase.
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Interesting. This theory has something to it. Our parents and the generations before grew right and were usually raised doing manual labor from from an early age which caused them to adapt to the stress from labor, a hard diet, etc and therefore changed their face and body.
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This would explain why the Low IQ dutchies in the Netherlands are all Chad-lite / Chaddish.
The higher in education you go the uglier people get here.. the higher you go the less people think about fighting/dominance etc.
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