Theory Brocolli theory (PART 2, Brocolli theory deniers GTFIH)



Nov 1, 2018
Sulfarophan(compound found in brocolli and brocolli sprouts) prevents skin ageing and is beneficial for collagen!!!

Sulforaphane (SFN), a natural compound occurring in cruciferous vegetables, has been known for years as a chemopreventive agent against many types of cancer. Recently, it has been investigated as an antioxidant and anti‐aging agent, and interesting conclusions have been made over the last decade. SFN demonstrated protective effects against ultraviolet (UV)‐induced skin damage through several mechanisms of action, for example, decrease of reactive oxygen species production, inhibition of matrix metalloproteinase expression, and induction of phase 2 enzymes. SFN used as a protective agent against UV damage is a whole new matter, and it seems to be a very promising ingredient in upcoming anti‐aging drugs and cosmetics.

Sulforaphane acts as a natural aromatase inhibitor(grow brocolli sprouts if you want to keep your testes on fin)

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megadose this shit

for more info on sulforaphane:

why you should grow your own brocolli sprouts instead of buying sulforaphane supplements


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side fx of fin are negligable
google indol 3 carbinol and estrogen

then google which vegetables contains indol 3 carbinol
alright how many broccoli sprouts do I need to eat to make this shit effective ?
broccolicels gtfih
I'm not a farmer. How many broccoli do I need to eat to save my life? I'll just buy the broccoli.
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ill have brocolli and liver for the rest of my life

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