Brutal Realization: I will never fuck my oneitis

Deleted member 209

Deleted member 209

Aug 25, 2018
I will never be a complete person. I will never be a sane and fulfilled man. I will always feel something is missing from my life.

No matter what I do, making money, acquiring status, slaying, in her eyes I will forever be the same incel loser she rejected back in HS. None of this things matter to her. If she rejects you once, she will always reject you. She has plenty of other options, you are not important to her.

I will have to cope with meaningless sex to numb my emotions only to have the anger resurface a few hours later. She will keep fucking subpar guys that I everythingmog but it doesn't matter cause she hates me. I can be better looking taller, richer, smarter than these guys, she still won't fuck me cause I am foever blacklisted.
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In her eyes you are subhuman tier
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