[Story] Diary: Speedrunning a GF untill 2019



Oct 6, 2018
Hello Forum. I will be posting regular updates in this thread about my situation. If I don't get laid/get a gf this year, I will kill myself, delete my account, post a summary about my experiences and do an AMA here. You can also of course AMA at any time and I will reply to you. I technically don't have even untill December, because my birthday is in late Novemeber, which is when I would reach the magical 25, which will start my Warlock Apprenticeship. And I just refuse to have magical powers.

About me:
>24-year-old virgin
>never spoke to a girl with romantic intent (IRL)
>severe social anxiety in my teenage years
>much better now, but left me with little experience and an abysmal social life

Physical stats:
>German German living in Germany
>Height: 6'3/190cms
>Weight: 95kg/210lbs
>middle long, brown hair
>blue eyes
>chin technically average, but is weakened by shitty fat storing genetics (that's why low bodyfat is imporant, guys)
>too high bodyfat generally
>broad shoulders
>wide hips, but shape is overall straight
>used to have acne, some slight redness sometimes and scarring remaining (accutane ftw, take a low dosis, american doctors prescribe way too high a dosis compared to Germany)
>dunno how to rate my face, I'd say probably quite average. I do have a very unique face though
>positive canthal tilt
>under eye rings
>15cm x 13 cm / 6 inches x 5 inches Benis (the second number is circumference btw)
>test high enough to be hairy and quickly grow a stubble after a few days (I look objectivally better clean-shaven though)
I don't know what else to write here.

Memes I fell for:
>getting fit and lifting weights
>creatine (I am not going bald)
>noporn (do recommend, really freshens up the mind, because you don't neurotically spend hours checking out porn, rule 34 sites)
>kinda nofap (most I did was a month), but I naturally fap less, because I don't look at porn anymore
>right-wing politics
>some test told me I am INTP

I start my diary off with a 2-day long cheat day. I do No sugar, no fast food. I don't drink any sugary drinks anyway. But I kinda indulged myself. And it's really "interesting" how my body was so attuned to it, that going back to sweets made itself noticeable in my digestive system. As always, whenever I cheat or make exceptions, it's not really worth it in the end and is a gateway for further cheating.

What I plan to do:
I don't have a fixed plan I am sticking to, but I am open to suggestions. I think it would be interesting for you guys to have me test out asking out women without me knowing anything about PUA. In November I am then going to read up on that stuff and see what difference it makes.

I definetly don't like the progress I had regarding my physical fitness. You don't know this, but this is not my usual weight. Last fall I ate a ton of sweets and I haven't yet gone back to under 90kg. And my gym membership is over a year old and I just started again a few weeks ago. I already reached my old bench press of 1pl8, but I don't think I will do much progress with my caloric deficit.
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Women don't care about looks it's what's inside that counts. ;)
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Why is "memes I fell for" things that you mostly seem to agree with
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