Dutch girls are good looking but they lack the 'mysterious' element

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Aug 25, 2018
They are very straightforward and easy to read. There isn't much to them. They generic white girls and they are just the way they look, generic,

But my oneitis has some sort of 'mysterious' element to her. You knew there was more to her than meets the eye, you always felt that she was hiding something, you coldn't read her very easily.

And that's what made her so attractive in my eyes, the fact that you never saw enough of her. She was so multi sided and complex as a person. Even from her looks alone you could tell her that.

Dutch girls, on the other hand, are what you see in movies and media. They are prety simple, they lack complexity and they are not sophisticated at all.
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dutch girls are hollow and act like robots
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@MoggerGaston is this true?
mysterious women don't exist... they all fit a certain archetype and they do not defer from it
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