Venting Girl from OKC ghosted me



Aug 11, 2018
Some girl from OKC initiated conversation with me (I'm being honest) I would say she Is a 5/10

We had many things In common, and last night she called me and we spoke for a couple of hours until very late.

This morning she asked me if I has some free Time today and if I wanted to hang out. I'm here at the park bench we were supposed to meet an hour ago and no msg, calls, nothing.

I Will just smoke the weed I brought for hanging out and eat some chocolates I had (not the romantic chocolate box, just average plain normal ones)

I dont know why I keep doing this to myself. I should just cope until I'm completely looksmaxxed.

I feel terrible
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The same will happen to you when you are looksmaxed because you have too few opportunities and the wrong mindset. The right mindset is: I dont care about women but if one of them likes me I might pump and dump her. If one of them really worships me I might LTR pump her as long as she is a good little girl and does as she is told. Otherwise dump her, too. Eventually one might stick with you. If none of them ever worships you enough stay with pump and dump. If no woman ever even wants you to pump and dump her then fuck it and play vidya. Any emotions towards women are a complete and utter waste of your precious and limited time, trust me.
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Damn bro I understand how you feel. Better luck next tiime my brodda :bluepill:
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Avoid dating sites entirely. Only for Chads
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The only dates I've ever been on were tinder and bumble dates. Meeting people the old fashioned way is impossible for socially inept people like me.
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