News Having an alt = ban.

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Aug 11, 2018
The alt problem (having more than one account on the site) has been getting worse and worse.

Up until now when we caught someone, we banned the alt, gave a small warning, and moved on. It wasn't a big deal.
But a lot of people still have tons of hidden alts, and small warnings don't stop some of you from trying again and again.

So we have to change how we work with alts. From now on:
if you are caught having an alt you're going to get a big warning or get outright banned.
"I didn't know you couldn't" and "it was a meme account" don't fly anymore. I'll update the rules to be super clear about this.
If you're making alts to avoid a ban, you're ensuring you'll never get a ban appeal again.

However, if you have an alt (or more...) and you tell a mod via PM you'll get a "get out of jail for free" card this time (i.e., we ban the alt and let you go).
Otherwise, if you get caught, you might get permabanned.
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