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height pill is definitely real just think about you towering over a manlet it litterally turns him into a lil bro
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my man, are you really wasting your precious time ranting about the life of random people who, by destiny, had the luck of being tall?
Homie, go fuck some woman, for the love of God
Some retards on this forum believe heightpill debunked because of some tiktok they watched of a manlet getting lots of women (1k women btw, nothing crazy lmfao)
So instead of providing actual evidence of stats, I'll just tell you what it feels like to be a manlet in society
Let's start with the best one: my girl bestfriend.

I've never liked her, and she is HTN, but i never looked at her more than friends. After my ex (I'll talk about this more later), me and her got extremely close and she would drop hints of liking me. She's told me MANY times that me and her are compatible, even her friends tell her to date me (yk I’m the best guy for her when even her friends want us together; usually women are always "nooo don't date this loser")

she said "we could literally get married rn but ur short" LMFAOOOO

Anyway, that's the first one, now onto my ex:

She's at least stacey-lite, but i hold her stacey status (and hundreds of men agreed with me) but she broke up with me after a few months and cheated because i was short jfl

my experiments
I went on an app (undisclosed) and set 3 pics up; all 3 did not show my face but just my phone, hands, hair, and maybe jawline. 2 were mirror selfies and one was just my eye/hair. I stated my actual height and got 0 responses; take in the app is like instagram stories where you send a message by replying to one of the 3 pics the person has, and if they reply to it, you guys start talking, and obviously the same can be done for you

so i got 0 replies even tho i sent countless messages to these women (pua/cold approach debunked) so i patiently waited until the weekend was over

i then created another profile, same pics, a week later, again on a friday because thats when everyone is active staying up for the weekend

i stated my height as 6'2; most here agree this is most ideal but my reasoning was becasue 6'4 would be so tall that these women will overanalyze my pics and see that I’m frauding (i am) so 6'2 is enough for most to not look into my pics too deeply (one mirror selfie botches my height so bad that if you actually looked carefully you could tell I’m short, but they didn’t care cuz I’m a 6'2 faceless chad)

i got >100 messages and requests to the point where i deleted my account since it was overwhelming (and i proved heightpill to myself again which made me su!cidal)

other examples i can think of is a guy in my lecture looked extremely ugly, like his hair was thinning and his mandible was recessed + he was fat with prey eyes i didn’t see the eye colour tho + acne + botched nose + thin lips.

a girl approached him because he's like 6'4 (heightmogs me so brutally i wanted to fucking kms)

heightpill is LAW
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