Discussion [High IQcels only!] Women aren’t responsible enough to make decisions on their own body, so men have to!



a man who is not evil is a man who will never fuck
Oct 17, 2019
Hey, everyone. Good day. Good evening. Good afternoon. Depending on where you are, good everything.

Today’s topic I would like to discuss is abortion and why women shouldn’t be the ones to decide on it.

So, as you may all know, women are extremely emotional beings. One wrong argument can push her over the edge and there she goes husslin into the nearest abortion clinic to remove the fetus. Women are not rational beings.

How can a woman be put in charge of her own body? The same body she lets a random Chad from Tinder fuck, choke, spit on, scratch, and cum into. JFL.


I cage so hard whenever a female unironically says, “MY BODY MY CHOICE!”


These women want to seriously be taken seriously when they March for their “right” to abort a baby. The baby is probably the result of a one night stand or the result of her being a drunken oops I’m sorry, I mean “intoxicated victim”.

“Omg! What did I dooooo last night bestie! Ugh, I had told him not to cum in me, but he did it anyway.”

“lmaoo whaaat girl? Was he at least hot?”

“I mean duh! He is 6’5, his dickk is fucking huge”

“Well if you’re pregnant just get an abortion.”

“Omg you’re so smart I luv you!”

To sum this up, women are too irresponsible to control their bodies. So, control should be given to ugly men like me. I need to be put into a position of power so the world can become a better place.

Thanks for reading. Time to eat my breakfast my mom just got me.


the pieces were simply put together wrong
Oct 15, 2020
Personally I support abortion since I can’t be assed to raise some sluts kid when I nut in her raw
And I love my rawdog

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