Holding frame is bullshit for Incels



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Aug 13, 2018
Frame - The context in which something is perceived. A man's frame is his internal point of origin that defines how he perceives the world. If a man's perception of the world is determined by others' judgments, he is in their frame. If other people interact with the man on his terms according to his perceptions, then they operate within his frame. Maintaining frame is often cited as the most important aspect of Alpha behavior.

By this definition of holding frame your typical Beta nerd cuck soyboy is also holding frame.. stronger than a alpha.
The way he sits in the corner with his doritos and mountain dew being sad that he can't shit like @Nibba and @x69 . The way he puts on headphones and walks through the public is in his frame. Redpill argues that physical traits don't matter if you have frame. Then why is your average neckbeard not able to get laid? Not enough frame? JFL.

Frame is just bs. Works for goodlooking people since good-looking people can create a following making frame something valuable.
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lmao u think frame will help you get laid? jfl at dat cope ngl thats :bluepill:tbh
tbh i dont care at this points ngl
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Big shit squad @x69
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an ancient thread hidden in the archives of looksmax
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i love old and random threads getting bumped
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muh its not about getting laid bro!!111!!
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