Success How I lost my kissless status and got lots of shit for it of course [Part 4]

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Aug 25, 2018
Recap: Played guitar for a girl, talked her into making out with me

It was night and I finally making out with a girl. About a minute into it, I went ahead and grabbed her left boob. We were kissing for like 10 minutes, I switched sides and even kissed her neck at some point. She seemed to be very into it.

After we were done, she asks me "So, you like me?" and I said yes and then she said that all this time she thought I had friendzoned her and she even told her friends that this dude she went out with didn't like her.

She asked stuf like why I didn't make a move on her earlier and told her that I thought she was romantic and liked to take things slow. We chatted a bit and she said that she wanted to take a break from boys.

Now, I panicked a bit. I was scared of losing her so instead of being cool and taking things easy I went ahead and proposed that we had casual sex. She said "Wouldn't that be awakward?" and I said "Come on, it will be fun.". She agreed to it and we arranged to meet in my house 2 days later (I lived with my parents at the time).

It was getting late and we had to catch the last bus, so we began walking back. We went to my car and I drove her back home. I initiated a kiss and this time she put her hand on my back and started petting it. She was also heavy breathing while making out, I thought she was about to cum or something. "That's a good sign" I said to myself.

I asked her what time we would meet for sex and she asked me how much will we have. I told her that it's gonna be the whole day and she replied "sounds fun" then she walked to her house.
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Is she cute though
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Pm me pic
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