how the ashkenazim can defeat russia/china



Sep 6, 2023
If the Ashkenazim want to increase their chances of defeating Russia/China/North Korea, they need to radically change their domestic policies from pure Cultural Marxism to a combination of moderate Cultural Marxism mixed with moderate biological/genetic nationalism. Here is what the Ashkenazim will have to do:

1) Stop wasting money on the Africans and Browns in the West, which is bankrupting the West, leaving little resources left over for defeating Russia and China. The Ashkenazim need to sterilize most Africans immediately, leaving only a small percent of the original population left to breed, a percent that will have good genes. And give a painless death penalty to any African who commits a crime. And then only allow eugenic breeding among the Browns. Eliminate all the dysgenic Browns with either sterilization or a painless death penalty carried out if they commit a crime.

2) Close the border to any immigrant with an IQ under 120. So, the Ashkenazim can give professional IQ tests to people of all races all across the world, and if it’s at least 120, they can be made citizens of the West. This would have a massive eugenic effect and would greatly enhance the Western GDP and thus create a lot more money available to fight Russia/China/North Korea. And, we will still have moderate Cultural Marxism since the West would be allowing people of all races to become citizens, provided that their IQ is at least 120.

3) Retired senior citizens are biologically obsolete and waste massive amounts of national resources such as Social Security and Medicare, resources that could instead by used to fight Russia/China/North Korea. These retired people should be offered the option of painless euthanasia. Tell them that it is their patriotic duty to get euthanized so that all the money used to sustain them can instead by used to fight Russia/China/North Korea. In fact, the Ashkenazim can just go ahead and terminate the Social Security and Medicare programs and replace it with free painless euthanasia. This would force people to keep on working until they absolutely cannot work anymore due to physical and/or mental dysfunctionality, and at this point they would only have two options left – free painless euthanasia, or becoming homeless and dying on the streets in a torturous manner.

Disabled people on SSI should also have all their government welfare/resources terminated and instead offered either free painless euthanasia, or homelessness. In, fact, there are many people in the West who are very unhappy due to depression, anxiety, fear, and/or nihilism (such as myself), and they are very economically unproductive and would welcome death, so they should also be offered free painless euthanasia. With these non-productive people out of the way, more productive people of all races can take their place and help to maximize the Western GDP.

Now, following this trend, the Ashkenazim should take this trend even further by replacing all welfare services for any Westerner with free painless euthanasia. If any individual’s IQ and/or personality is not conducive to being 100% self reliant, then they should be offered only two choices: free painless euthanasia, or homelessness. This would also have a eugenic effect, which is good for the GDP and thus the quantity of money available to fight Russia/china/North Korea. Free painless euthanasia is also humane, since it’s giving undesirable Westerners the option to avoid a life of painful homelessness.

4) Terminate all band programs in all public schools, which is a waste of money since none of these students are going to have careers as professional orchestra members. Then use the band money to fight Russia/China/North Korea.

5) Terminate all sports programs in all public schools, since this is a massive waste of money. That money can be used instead to fight Russia/China/North Korea. Just have basic physical education in public schools, the basic types of activities that are needed for basic health, such as jogging, stationary bikes, and weight lifting.

6) Force the medical industry to stop over-charging. This will bring down national healthcare costs, and the saved money can be used to fight Russia/China/North Korea.

7) If Westerners were more healthy, then the money that is used to medically help them could instead be used to fight Russia/China/North Korea. The Ashkenazim should close down all the fast food companies as well as junk food companies. Use the full force of the Ashkenazi Deep State/CIA to crush all the junk food companies. Make sure that the only types of food that are available in grocery stores are the types of health foods advocated by “Life Extension” company headed by William Faloon. These healthy foods would basically be those that adhere to the traditional Mediterranean diet: legumes (beans, nuts, etc.), fruits, vegetables, whole grains such as whole barley, quinoa, buckwheat, chia seeds, fish, chicken breasts, turkey breasts, sweet potatoes, etc. Make sure none of the food is processed. People will just have to boil the whole grains/beans at home and cook the raw meat. All of this will reduce food consumption and people will lose weight and save trillions of dollars in healthcare costs, money that can then be directed towards fighting Russia/China/North Korea.

8) People waste too much money on entertainment products, such as cruise ships, commercial vacation destinations, recreational vehicles, water vehicles, personal swimming pools, patronizing national sports teams such as NFL and NBA, strip clubs, etc. The Ashkenazim should crush all these companies, and the money Westerners spend on these types of entertainments could then instead be collected as tax and used to fight Russia/China/North Korea. Just have basic entertainment for Westerners, such as TV shows and movies that they watch using internet streaming services. And this is where the moderate Cultural Marxism can come in – the TV shows/movies can still contain messages promoting ethnic diversity, homosexuality, transexuality, and feminism. Also, we can still have pornography websites for Westerners to enjoy from home. We can also still have video games/consoles that people can play from home, and the games can also be filled with moderate Cultural Marxist messages. We can also have traditional board games to play from home, small home toys for children, etc. The point is to get rid of the big expensive wasteful types of recreations, which would also include personal swimming pools which is a big waste of money to build and maintain. All that saved money can then be used to fight Russia/China/North Korea. Strong musical sub-woofers and speakers should also be prevented from being manufactured since they are a big waste of electricity and income. People would do just fine have quiet speakers/sub-woofers that are not powerful enough to be heard outside of one’s house or outside one’s automobile.

9) Crush all luxury product companies that are wasting income that can instead be collected as taxes and used to fight Russia/China/North Korea. For example, end the manufacturing of luxury automobiles, houses that are too big, personal yachts, overpriced brand name clothing, luxury watches (I personally just wear a $14.00 Casio digital watch that has now lasted me nine years and is still going), luxury hotels, luxury restaurants, etc. The economy should be based on pragmatism, focusing all activity on things like military technology advancement, police advancement, telecommunications advancement, energy production advancement, semiconductor advancement, etc.

Now, keep in mind that after Russia/China/North Korea have been successfully defeated, all the above policies can be changed or reverted back to how things originally were. Also, regarding all the above policies, exceptions can be made for Ashkenazi people.
There’s a bigger schizo on this forum than me.
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Keep coping schizo, China is undefeatable. ❤️🇨🇳
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Who wrote this is a retard
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Ashkenazis are moving out to Russia and even China. And they are trying to make peace with Iran.
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North Korea and China are both Marxist states. The opposition party in Russia is also Marxist.
North Korea and China are both Marxist states. The opposition party in Russia is also Marxist.
Russia is Crony Capitalism (aka lowkey neocommunists) so almost the same.
North Korea and China are both Marxist states. The opposition party in Russia is also Marxist.
marxism must die.we need an end to democracy.democracy is satanism.theocracy and monarchy ftw.
marxism must die.we need an end to democracy.democracy is satanism.theocracy and monarchy ftw.
Move to Saudi Arabia then. I hope you're planning it.

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