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Oct 20, 2018
surgeon said “you look good your 3/4 is just lacking and that matters most”

well, that is a pretty.. bold statement to say the last (esp saying that about me)
but what would a surgeon do to fix that?
Was extremly thrown off by the “you look good” thing so I do not trust his opinion much at this point tbh but before I get back to him again I wanted to ask you guys what that could mean.

Afaik if my face is too long my 3/4 will ALWAYS be shitty no matter what.
he suggested cheekbones enhancement and asked if i want to have my nose done (which i wasn’t prepared for)

but what could cheekbones change
mine are low set and yeah

any ideas?..
If you were to FUCKING POST IMAGES that would be chill
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I posted a lot already in my other threads. And by now i’m not sure if any are representative at all.
So i’m currently rather interested in what would usually be possible except based on my pictures

ik sounds bad but I’m not able to tell which ones look like me and which ones don’t at this point.
I look shitty but tbh I even cry over clearly warped pictures and have a hard time getting into my had that they’re warped even though i’m aware of it.
will link to other threads with pics tho

I mean my face looks literally extremly tall and narrow
it looks like I have a 30cm face
meassurements are usually 18-19 cm for face and 22-24 whole skull which i was told is average.. confusing
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