How to get your ears pierced without your parents noticing?


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Sep 10, 2018
Getting your ears pierced is an easy thugmaxx, but my parents won't let me get them? I can get them without their permission(I'm 19). It's just that I risk getting kicked out the house(that's what they say). I would honestly just take them out when I get home, but a new piercing must stay in for the first 6 weeks of getting them to avoid infection and the hole closing.
yes ur fcking 18
you can get a face tattoo if you want
If you arent looksmaxxed and lean There Is no point in tattoos or piercing. Cope
There's no way to do it without them noticing. Especially now that you've told them they will be looking at your ears.
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Why would someone subhumanmaxx? Lol
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Ear Piercings look gay as fuck.
Fucking Queer-rings.
ignore your parents. parents only hold you back
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They‘ll get over it, don‘t worry.
Are u a faggot ?

parents put shit in your food that lowers your testosterone so that you will be weak and follow through with their plans
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