i think ive found a way for incels to get sex (sort of) (1 Viewer)



Oct 22, 2019
this method would be free. and im going to try to find a ultra-hot chad to be friends with soon, explain to him my idea, and try to find a chad willing to set this up with me

basically.. in a nutshell.. i have a bluepill belief in my heart that many girls (maybe as high as 20%) would be totally down to join a "chads harem" where the chad has 5 girls, but he also shared the girls with his ugly friends (also, the chad impregnates all the girls obviously. the ugly men arent allowed to reproduce. but at least they get to pound dat sweet pussy

basically, the gigachad powerfucks a girl a few times, then the gigachad tells the girl he has to give her a important letter containing important details about what he does. then he gives the girl a printed letter, which reads this

"alright. now that ive fucked you a few times. i will now reveal you the true nature of how i run things with my crew. listen closely to what im gonna say slut. all of this is true and im serious about every word. basically, if you wanna join my crew and be one of my girls, then you have to become my crews personal sexslave. you must always obey, and if you ever get an attitude i simply kick you to the curb and i replace you with a better bitch. now with that said, let me explain the important details that a smart girl should care about. first. the detail of pregnancy and baby making. only i will impregnate you. im the leader of my crew, and my homies have agreed to these terms, my homies have agreed that only i will get our bitches pregnant because i am the most alpha god in our group. next, financially, my whole crew pools our money together and we do feed our bitches and take care of our bitches financially if needed. however most of our girls are working girls who have jobs, they simply like good dick too and thats why they join my crew. most of our bitches literally pay us money to be in our group, and im not even joking. any bitches that make money, we actually tax them at a rate of 100%. we consider ourselves to be your pimp and any real jobs you work we consider it to be that you are making money for your pimp. hoes need to understand, that a bitch be making money for her pimp, at all times. basically, im not joking, we will be taking almost all of your money if you join our crew, and most of our girls are down for that and cool with it, because the truth is, the thing girls desire most in this world is good dick. girls dont care about money, they only care about good dick, and thats the pure truth. most girls would gladly trade all of their money to gain good dick. and that is what we will provide to our hoes. you give us all your money, and we will give you the good dick that you cant live without. next, beyond that. the final important thing is. you are required give my ugly bros in my crew pussy on command, i dont give a fuck if you think they are ugly. you are our property slut, and property isnt allowed to have opinions or attitudes. there we go. this is the full truth. do you want to join my crew bitch, or will i need to be deleting your number?"

i think this is the only logical, viable, and reasonable method a ugly male has of getting sex with hot young girls

you could betabux a older woman maybe (even then maybe not if your a ugly male). but essentially. all sex with actual hot young girls (the only girls that matter) is only done with chad in modern times. however, i believe my above idea could possibly work and it would be the only method a incel could fuck a hot young girl (who isnt a meth addicted prostitute with herpes)

what do you guys think of my plan

do you think i will be able to find a chad willing to try to set this up with me?

whatevers. ive basically decided this is my only hope for young pussy. so bros. i will be trying to do this, and ill let you know my results and shit
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also. this would only work in america (where i live thankfully)

in america. girls on average make money money than men now. so we would be the pimps, and the girls would be our hoes working and making money for her pimp

also, i guess this applies to canada/britain/australia too. would probably work there too
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i posted alot on braincels. just found out about this place. decided to join (before this, was posting on bb.com misc where plenty incels have fled to after the braincel bannings)
i posted alot on braincels. just found out about this place. decided to join (before this, was posting on bb.com misc where plenty incels have fled to after the braincel bannings)
We don't do long posts here buddy boyo
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Not a single piece of your heartfelt scripture crosses my mind
anyway. none of this matters. ill delete thread later

i will ONLY repost this if my plan works and i actually fuck a hot girl (will post pics of girl and shit too)

however. this is probably all my fantasys. it probably will never happen
go do something for your looks instead of thinking about this sick and stupid nonsense srsly
and no this wont work
Or just make prostitution decriminalized like the rest of the civilized world.

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