I thought it would be over by now



2026 i'm coming
Mar 6, 2024
I got on accutane on March 1st with mild/moderate acne, with mostly closed comedones and like 10 pimples on whole face. I had really high hopes that it would help my acne tremendously, even if I did purge.

In the first and second month, I was trying to push through this absolute digusting purge, but now in week 9, I have no expectations or hope anymore. The accutane purge is truly a thing from the devil, it made me anxious, self-conscious, depressed and it made me go down the looksmaxing rabbithole.

It burns and itches on 70% of my face, I even have newly developed neck acne. I can't lay down flat on my back confortably cause it's always pushing on one of my pimples. Every facial expression comes with pain. I wake up with 3 new breakouts every morning, my face looks like a fucking blood-spilled warzone.

Even if the acne clears up, the damage that has it done for me is huge. On top of the scars and hyperpigmentation, I'll be left with me being robbed at least 1 year of my teenage years, that I'm never ever going to get back. Bye-bye NTness.

Get on your knees rn and thank your God that you don't have what this random guy has on the looksmax forum, this is truly a nightmare, that you surely wouldn't want to partake in.

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