I was fed soy formula from birth to the age of 3



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Jul 12, 2019
I'm not kidding. I was allergic to virtually every food possible, including my own mother's milk. Soy formula was literally the only thing I wasn't allergic to, so that's what I had to eat until I was 3. I was going to the doctors very often and somehow my food allergies disappeared after the age of 3.

How fucked is this?
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soy is just a meme that makes a lot of leftists really angry, nobody actually believes it causes feminization or anything, the guy who arguably popularized it (paul joseph watson) sells supplements with alex jones that contain it
Another soyboy :lul: soy threads have been all the rage here lately...
Stunted growth. How tall are you? What’s your fwhr? Your t levels?
Stunted growth. How tall are you? What’s your fwhr? Your t levels?
I'm 6'2, just like my dad. FHWR is 1.91 if I start at the top of the eyebrows and 2.07 if I start at the bottom of the eyebrows. Not sure about T levels but I went from 11 inch arms to 14.5 inch arms in 6 months naturally.
Imagine being allergic to your own mothers milk


You would of died in the wild, that soy milk saved you tbh
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i call bs that u were allergic to human breast milk
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Same boyo but I turned out fine
I'm sorry
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Typical jew, always attempting to trick and decieve by brining up irrelevant topics and not engaging with argumentation.
What do you want me to say? Vegan diet is dogshit with no nutrition
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