Blackpill I'm a beta and there's only one solution

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Aug 11, 2018
I'm still kind of in a bit of adrenaline.
Some fat guy just confronted me in a really unfriendly way why I parked 20cm of my car on his plot.
I said I didn't want to block the road and that I'll park it somewhere else next time. I tried to not sound submissive but I did. I really did.
He stared at me, looking down on me (I was shorter than him) and what would I do against 170kg?
He kept being extremely unfriendly, probably because he was in the mood to fight and knew he'd win, so I got into the car.
He walked the way, I drove it. I was behind him and had the thought of finally having power because I was in the car. And he wasn't.
Whenever someone dominates me, which happens almost anytime I see someone my age, or occasionally with older men, I know I'd really have no chance if I used my hands to fight. I have 14cm wrists, very small hands, and no muscles.
Men like me, and women, should be allowed to carry strong weapons.
It's a human right to feel safe!
And I cannot!
Whenever I go outside I'm full of anxiety because I know I'm inferior to everyone.
I have no social life, avoid being outside.
I am currently not having any weapons but that will have to change.
The only way to not feel inferior and to not act like a beta is to be weaponized.

I hope this thread doesn't get deleted because it's extremely legit. For many people with anxiety issues and I think we have a few on here.
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Aug 14, 2019
FBI i'm only here to get better looking i don't condone OP going ER

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