Blackpill It's so depressing to think of what other guys got to experience with my oneits

Deleted member 209

Deleted member 209

Aug 25, 2018
Her first got to have a faithful, inexperienced 19 yo girl, waiting for him to come and fuck her. She would probably cook for him too. They would go together to the beach and walk hand to hand by the sea and play beach rackets under the sun.

Then, next summer, she went for vacation with a new guy, who is 1 year younger. They fucked a lot because they had great chemistry, while I was coping with porn and gymcelling.

She also has a 28 yo fuck buddy that she loves so much, she would do anything for him. After sex, she would rest her head on his chest and put he hand around him while sleeping during warm summer night.

And what did I get from her? Abolutely nothing. In her eyes, I will forever be the same virgin loser she rejected in HS, she will never see me as a man no matter how much I slay. The only thing she will give to me is misandry and spite.
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