[Method] ITT: Post ways to statusmaxx !



Sep 26, 2018
I did this a while ago with a new Instagram page that I would use for the purpose of increasing my status....

I set my tinder account to SEA countries, got a shit ton of matches and told everyone to follow me on IG, I only had my best pics in there, this generates social proof to anyone that looks at your page from that moment onwards and I am seen as a more trustworthy, less creepy dude because these girls have liked most of my pics and commented as well. I got like 400 followers and the engagement ratio was like 7%.

Another way that I statusmaxxed is that I used to run several snapchat accounts that would post nudes of girls (pics and vids), some anon and some not, and porn shit on my stories (snapchat is a lot more aware of this and might ban your account quicker than before so this might not work that well today) and my stories would get 8k views every 24h, i even made money from the accounts by selling shoutouts to the guys that watched the stories, made like £500 in a week and then I sold one for £300.

I got tons of nudes from girls and managed to even fuck three girls that watched my stories because they knew I was a guy and I snapped them privately

What tips do you guys have to increase your status? It could be with IG or Snapchat or anything else, I am using the IG example because as of now it is the most popular social networking app available
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