JFL if you aren't viral-tonsilitismaxxing



The forum just went down baby, down
Aug 21, 2018
What's viral tonsilitis? The shit I'm being ill on since the fucking thursday.

Great results! It includes:
- 38ºC or more fever. Get ready for hours agonizing on bed because this fever also comes with allucinations!
- Antibiotics which will make you shit in your pants. WC not included*
- A more bloated face. Our 24/7 sweat policy includes more pores, acne and other types of facial bloat, perfect for the person in the search of ugliness
- Mouth sores. A shitton of them, chewing and talking will be a whole new experience.
- Excruciating pain when swallowing food or drinks. You will feel like if you are taking the rope, not best preparation for future ropers has been ever made.
- Gingivitis. It's going to be a fun ride, blood in the gums garanteed, as well as making it impossible to chew anything, detracts you from copes like chewing
- The desire to die. During this period your life will be so miserable than you might as well die (DISCLAIMER: only applies to people who don't get ill frequently)

Not convinced? Take this photos for proof if you don't believe me!


It's easy to get! Follow this steps:
- Drink very, very cold liquids. Directly, from the bottle to the throat
- Sleep semi-naked and with no blankets
- Sleep with the air conditioner at -10000000ºC
- Get cold showers, don't dry your hair and walk barefoot

Come on, get it! What are yyou waiting for?
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Brutal 0 pill
Had that when I was younger
Was a really bad case and I got hospitalised after having a bunch of seizures from it, I hope yours doesn't get any worse bro 👍

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