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Jun 8, 2019
perpetratorSep 1, 2011
How many hours a day did you spend squeezing the muscle that you describe as being "slightly forward of the asshole"?
Were you ever caught, did it lead to embarrasing situations?
If you don't attempt to engage that muscle during sex, is your orgasm reached quicker?
Please explain the use of the word "wildly" in your AMA title.

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  1. I didn't spend hours a day. Since I can do it anywhere I like I will often just practice on the bus to work, at home, sitting at my desk. It's second nature now, but in the beginning I probably did it for an hour or so a day.
  2. I've never been caught because practice is invisible, but I have had women ask me "what did you just do with your penis" when I've done a Kegel exercise while inside them. Doing that causes my penis to swell and become very, very hard and a little bit longer. It also noticeably and strongly pushes upwards. Some women like it, some hate it.
  3. Yes, if I don't do anything I can come quickly.
  4. Because I can hold back the orgasm there seems to be a build up of fluid and pressure which means that when I do come the ejaculation is long and very fast. I have measured this and am able to shoot many times (up to 10) over 8 feet across the room if I come while standing up


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