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Aug 13, 2018
Law of reversal is really well known in Satanism.

It's really powerful but you'd think this is a religion cope right? Or some weird mystic edgy 'I am special' kind of post but nah.

How do you recognize blue-pills?
Reverse it. If it makes sense then that's the truth.

Blue-pill: Cholesterol is bad.
Why? Because LDL levels are bad for health and can cause heart disease.
Blue-pill method of reducing LDL levels: Reducing all Cholesterol.


Red-pill: Cholesterol is good
Why? It's the building block of almost all hormones including testosterone. It's in every cell in your body. It helps you function.
LDL levels don't even cause heart disease.. it's all a myth.
Good method: Increase Cholesterol since Western diet lacks it.


That was just really simple but it counts for a lot of stuff.

It's well known in blue-pill communities + looksmax communities that DHT causes hairloss.
It's really DHT sensitivity in hair follicles.. Not even that.

'dht causes hairloss' reversed: 'dht doesn't cause hairloss' and do some research on the reversed outcome to see if it's true.
That link has enough scientific info to show that Hairloss is not linked to DHT.


Girls care more about personality than looks.
Girls like guys who smile.
Everyone has a destiny.

Fucking reverse it and do research about it before you scream some looksmax advice produced by looksmax retards.
Reverse the indoctrination. Begin from your childhood.

Reversal = Power.
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