JFL Mike Mew expelled from the British Orthodontic Society



Sep 26, 2018
Having listened to what you had to say and having considered the matter in full, the unanimous decision of the Board is that in our opinion, your conduct is contrary to the interests of the Society. The Board considers that your actions through your social media campaign constitute a potential risk to patients (both physical and psychological) and are inconsistent with the Society’s aims of maintaining and improving professional standards to improve the quality of patient care.

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Kikes are trying to silence him
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This is so fucking stupid. They know he's right, but they just attack the way he goes about it and the fact that hes openly exploring a new field while trying to help people. They do this because changing the premise of orthodontics would risk alot of jobs, cost a shitload of money, and would be bad PR.

I get that saying mewing and stuff giving results in adults might be somewhat misleading, because even tough mewing is proven to work in adults, the changes are really really small.

But this is just fucking stupid, its a perfect example of why the world is moving backwards.

If Vox or some new organization would get on this shit it would blow up completely
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If this isn't the ultimate proof that mewing works then I don't know what It is
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(((Orthodontics))) is a ponzi scheme that they want to maintain as long as possible.
He deserved that for spreading fake hope to people.
"You can all be excptionally good looking if you fix your oral posture" JFL
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(((they))) are at it again
The world is corrupt, sucks.

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