Blackpill My High School was really shit tbh

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Aug 25, 2018
Not a single classmate of mine became a slayer. Not one. Some of us got gfs, some didn't get anything, but none of us fucked more than 10 girls. All the guys I know have lay counts of 1-2 at most.

And this happens because i went to a privated school. The problem with it was the they were very strict and we couldn't freely express ourselves. We couldn't break stuff or bully teachers like they did in public schools.

We were forced into a competitive enviroment. to study and outsmart each other. Eveyone was bullying each others and tryint to get better grades. Our teachers were enforcing competition.

My bullies, when 14, they were looking up math riddles and shit like that. Everyone was stressed. They had to bully me in the day study at night. Pure cortisol.

We couldn't skip classes, we couldn't do shit. In the long run, none of us had good memories from HS because it was just stress.

The happiest guys I know were from public schools. They could do what the fuck they wanted. We, on the other hand, we became aspies.

I talk with some bullies of mine on fb, they are coping like incels with drugs and hobbies and they are gl too. You can see it in their eyes, they missed out too. All because we went to this shitty private school.
Leave that in the past, fuck thinking about that constantly. To anyone who says that "highschool is the best years of your life" is simply spewing sad bullshit at you. The best years of your life are actually after highschool when you're free to do whatever you want. Go to a popular college, join a frat-house or meet some people at the local pub, there's always more time to enjoy life.

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