My oneitis always hated me

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Deleted member 209

Aug 25, 2018
Ever since we first met when we were 15, she hated me. Idk why, I just bring out her negativity.

I remember we were sitting in class, and she saw a wound I had on my ankle and asked me were I got it. She did it in such a dismissive way like she wanted to die instead of just having a small wound.

And when I called to ask her out back in 2012, after asking her out, she giggled before telling me she was going out with her cousins. She enjoyed rejecting me.

When we were going out in college, she never took my side on anything. Every time I told her about something unfair that happened to me, she always said "yeah, ok" like it was my fault or smth.

Even when I told her I got a heatstroke, she didn't give a fuck about it. She just kept bashing on me. Everything was always my fault and I should take it with 0 complains according to her.

Idk get why there was so much inate hatred for me. I'm just a guy ffs.
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Listen to my track The Truth, if you can stomach it
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There's nothing to get man. Women are different from men and it's useless trying to understand them

It's like she had a reverse oneitis on me or smth
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