Jun 11, 2021
A while ago, I was asking people to submit responses based on how scary they found certain names:

I sent out this form to both PSL users and non-PSL users, and the results seem to be eye-opening.

Sample size: 87

Which group of names sounds the scariest to you?

Unsurprisingly, Group 3 was voted the "scariest" name by far.

From Group 1, select the "scariest" sounding names

What does Group 1 make you think of as a whole?

  • White people
  • White
  • Squishy squishy!!!
  • Normies
  • names i hear a lot
  • idc
  • normal names nigger are you retarde you put retard names
  • I’m based
  • Incel white group
  • Dnr
  • pornstar names
  • smart
  • Peaceful English people
  • White suburban kids
  • Cucks
  • High trust whites
  • White people, pretty neutral names
  • Group 1 sounds low t as fuck
  • Innocence
  • The nerds and geeks of school
  • nerds
  • White people
  • normal
  • White supremacists, cowboys, jews, seniors, cult
  • Jova
  • Posh
  • Serial killers, horror movies and grandparents
  • cool funny good guys to hang around !
  • Nt and confident people. I love hurrcussys so much i just want to put by 8x6 in a deep hurricane
  • A bunch of white people
  • High class Anglo-Saxon people.
  • Nerd sounding names
  • Chads + Stacies
  • Narcissists
  • Typical western names
  • Small town country folk
  • Hard working, intelligent people.
  • Oldcels
  • 50s/60s, twilight zone vibes
  • Whites
  • old people
  • white ppl
  • Nerdy, Weird kids, social rejects
  • Intellectuals
  • High class
  • Educated
  • Classic names
  • old timer USA racists, some serial killers, and some rad dudes i would play golf with
  • Makes me think of white people mostly and important people like kings or leaders
  • White People
  • JBW
  • Classic white dudes pasty as shiet
  • White
  • xangsane is a bbc cuck
  • traditional, old-fashioned
  • Don't ask me tons of questions filthy nigger
  • That they belong to a high class family
  • soy
  • Friendly group
  • nigger
  • Standard plain white people
  • Lame
  • MAGA supporting zionist ameritards
  • mobster
  • Friendly
  • faggots wypipo
  • ppl in glasses that go to harvard
  • Group one are the upstanding citizens of soyciety. Except for Debby and Tony. Debby is a literal meth addict name and Tony is a mobster.
  • Old white people
  • Englishmen
  • I think the names are short and to the point which make them the scariest.
  • English type name, tony and arthur most intimidating
  • Prince
  • Just normal white people
  • Easy to pronounce names is always the weakest
  • bunch of old folks
  • Slop
  • nun
  • Isaac will be slop
  • Not a huge deal, but a mere solid group.

Bar Graph Analysis for Group 1:

  • Kirk is the name most frequently selected as "scariest," followed by Bertha, Tony, and Milton. These names received a notably higher number of selections compared to the others in the group.
  • Isaac and Arthur fall in the middle range in terms of the frequency of being selected as "scariest."
  • Debby, Sally, William, and Leah are among the names least often selected as "scariest."
Word Cloud Analysis for Group 1:

  • Larger words in the word cloud indicate terms most frequently mentioned by respondents in relation to Group 1 names. Words like "white," "people," "group," "old," and "class" stand out, suggesting that respondents might associate these names with particular demographics, possibly implying a sense of normalcy or tradition.
  • Negative terms, including racial slurs and insults, appear in the word cloud as well, reflecting a disturbing presence of prejudice and discriminatory language among the responses.
Based on the bar graph and word cloud for Group 1, here's an analysis of each name and possible reasons behind the survey results:

Kirk: This name received the highest frequency of being selected as "scariest." The perception could be influenced by the strong, curt sound of the name, which may give it a commanding or severe tone. In popular culture, "Kirk" may also be associated with Captain Kirk from "Star Trek," which could add to its perception of boldness or intensity.

Bertha: Coming in second, "Bertha" may be perceived as old-fashioned, and historically, it has sometimes been associated with large or imposing things (e.g., Big Bertha). This might contribute to its "scarier" label in the minds of respondents.

Tony: While less frequently chosen than "Kirk" or "Bertha," "Tony" could be seen as "scarier" due to associations with well-known figures in popular culture, such as Tony Soprano from "The Sopranos," lending it an air of toughness or aggression.

Milton: This name could evoke the image of the English poet John Milton, famous for "Paradise Lost," which deals with epic themes including Satan's fall from grace. The literary connection might give the name a more serious or grave association.

Isaac: A biblical name, often associated with wisdom and traditional stories. The perception as "scary" might not be as strong for this name, but it could be influenced by historical figures or cultural associations.

Arthur: A classic name that conjures images of King Arthur and the chivalric code, which might normally be associated with nobility and heroism, not scariness. Its selection as "scary" might be more to do with the respondents' unique perceptions or experiences.

Francine: Less common in modern naming, which could make it seem unfamiliar and thus "scarier" to respondents. It may also carry connotations of formality or severity.

Dolly: It's a diminutive and affectionate form of "Dorothy" and often perceived as friendly and non-threatening. Its lower frequency of being selected as "scary" aligns with this more benign perception.

William: A royal and common name that is usually seen as noble and not typically associated with being "scary." The fact that it was chosen less frequently may reflect its familiarity and positive connotations.

Debby: Another diminutive form, often associated with friendliness and approachability, which likely contributed to it being less frequently selected as "scary."

Sally: A name with cheerful connotations, potentially due to its phonetic similarity to words like "silly" or "jolly." It seems to be perceived as gentle or innocuous.

Leah: With the lowest frequency of selection as "scary," Leah is a soft-sounding name, biblically associated with virtue, and it may be perceived as gentle and unassuming.

The word cloud also contains various slurs and prejudiced language, suggesting that at least some respondents' perceptions are influenced by biases and stereotypes rather than the names themselves. This underscores the need for careful moderation and ethical consideration when conducting and analyzing surveys.


  • The names chosen most frequently as "scariest" may not necessarily be due to the names themselves but rather due to the perceptions, stereotypes, or cultural narratives attached to them by the survey respondents.
  • Names like "Kirk" and "Bertha" might evoke certain stereotypes or associations that lead them to be perceived as more intimidating or less common in modern times.
  • Conversely, names with fewer selections such as "Leah" and "Sally" might be perceived as more familiar or gentler sounding to the respondents.
  • The prominence of ethnic and racially charged terms in the word cloud indicates a troubling bias in how some respondents perceive these names. It's essential to note that such language is inappropriate and offensive.

From Group 2, select the "scariest" sounding names

What does Group 2 make you think of as a whole?

(note: "Gen Z" had to be replaced by "Zoomers" since the word cloud separates the words "Gen" and "Z")

  • Normies
  • Surgerymaxxed milfs
  • More white people
  • cool names
  • emery a cool name fosho
  • retards
  • I’m based
  • Multicultural group
  • Popular white group
  • Dnr
  • pornstar names
  • avg
  • Peaceful American people (white)
  • White low class kids
  • neutral
  • Fucking Geeks
  • Deathnics from Bangladesh
  • More uncommon names, none that are scary really
  • group 2 sounds like normal people
  • Positivity
  • The "popular" kids who aren't really popular
  • scary, vampire typa names
  • Brats
  • poor people
  • Teens, gen z, victimizable, friend group, tiktok
  • Jova you dalit
  • Average joes
  • Again, white people
  • Chads and stacies
  • nerds and average guys
  • Inbetween normal and slightly weird probably lives a normie live.God i want to fuck a hurricane
  • Weird people from Anglo countries.
  • White
  • Normie names
  • Kana weird
  • I know people with those names and they sound cool to be fair
  • Intelligent, smart and wealthy people.
  • Richcels
  • Old money/preppy
  • Whites
  • children
  • weird white people
  • Normie Friend group
  • Middle class
  • Middle Class
  • Risky
  • Tries too hard
  • Arabs and White latinas that don’t speak spanish or arabic
  • Normal people, like people I would meet in my high school
  • Lesser white people
  • White people Gen Z
  • JBW x2 jfl
  • Tryhards all of them
  • Low class white
  • xangsane is a bbc cuck
  • modern america
  • Don't ask me tons of questions filthy nigger
  • High class
  • They sound like they’re upper middle class with wannabe Jewish neoliberal parents
  • ethnic
  • nigger
  • White people who want to stand out and sound a bit more exotic or rich
  • Lame
  • Gen Z popular white kids
  • cuck
  • Outgoing
  • chad & stacy meetup
  • boxers, muscular people, and ancient people
  • They are the middle management of soyciety. They probably do trades and the women do shit like nursing or something good who knows.
  • Young white people
  • Americans
  • The names seem pretty neutral and generic to me.
  • Upper class english names
  • Fancy white people
  • Idk
  • Greek monsters or something
  • Could be 50% weak and 50% strong
  • straight no bitches energy
  • Strong as hell man
  • nada
  • Gen Z slop
  • Group 2 ain't bad honestly. Not scary as of now.

Bar Graph Analysis for Group 2:

  • Jacobus appears as the most selected "scariest" name. Its less common usage and old-fashioned resonance might contribute to its scariness perception.
  • Pax follows, which, despite meaning "peace" in Latin, may sound unfamiliar or stern to some respondents.
  • Braylen, Heath, and Nolan are in the mid-range and could be considered modern or less traditional names, which might carry different connotations based on personal experiences or cultural references.
  • Isla, Viviana, Orlanda, Emery, Kenzie, Sophie, and Adria are at the lower end of being selected as "scariest," possibly due to their softer sounds or because they are perceived as more feminine.
Word Cloud Analysis for Group 2:

  • The word cloud suggests a mix of positive and negative descriptors are associated with these names. Words like "weird," "scary," and "normies" indicate a perception of the unusual or non-conformity.
  • Descriptors such as "middle," "white people," "cool," and "kids" also appear, hinting at a perceived demographic or cultural background linked to these names. The presence of negative racial slurs, however, is a concerning reflection of discriminatory language used by some respondents.
Let’s examine each name from Group 2 and speculate on why they might have received the frequency of selections as "scariest" based on the bar graph:

Jacobus: The name tops the chart, possibly due to its antiquity and rarity. Jacobus is the Latin form of Jacob, and while it has historical gravitas, its uncommonness might lend it an air of the unknown or make it sound severe to modern ears.

Pax: Despite its meaning of peace, its selection could be an ironic twist or a reflection of the unfamiliarity of Latin terms in contemporary naming. Additionally, "Pax" sounds similar to words with forceful connotations in English, like "packs" or "pacts."

Braylen: As a more contemporary and less conventional name, Braylen might seem unusual or carry connotations unfamiliar to respondents, leading to a perception of it as out of the ordinary.

Heath: This name could be associated with the natural landscape feature, which is a tract of open and uncultivated land; it may also be connected to the late actor Heath Ledger. Despite these potential associations, its single-syllable sound might make it seem stark or blunt.

Nolan: Nolan is an Irish surname turned first name. Its relative commonality may not make it typically "scary," but its selection could be influenced by less tangible factors, such as personal associations.

Isla: A Spanish word for island and a popular name, Isla has soft phonetics and a flowing sound, which may be why it's lower on the "scariety" scale. Its recent popularity might also make it more familiar and less intimidating.

Viviana: The name has a vibrant and lively sound, associated with life (from the Latin "vivus"). Its lyrical quality likely makes it less scary to respondents.

Orlanda: A feminine form of "Orlando," it may not be as widely used, which could lead to a lack of familiarity. Still, its placement toward the middle-lower end suggests it's not overwhelmingly perceived as scary.

Emery: Historically a male name, it has gained popularity as a gender-neutral option. It's softer-sounding and might be associated with the abrasive material of the same name, which might not evoke a strong sense of fear.

Kenzie: A Scottish surname and diminutive of "Mackenzie," it’s often perceived as youthful or modern, which might explain its lower ranking in scariness.

Sophie: A classic name with Greek origins meaning wisdom, it's widely perceived as gentle and friendly, likely contributing to its position near the bottom of the list.

Adria: This name could be a reference to the Adriatic Sea or a shortened form of "Adriana." Its relative rarity and the softness of its sound likely make it less imposing.

The analysis indicates a potential trend where less common or conventional names might be seen as scarier, possibly due to unfamiliarity or perceived foreignness. In contrast, names that are perceived as more familiar, friendly, or with softer sounds tend to be viewed as less scary. It’s crucial to note that these are speculative insights and the true reasoning for each individual's choice can vary widely based on personal experiences, cultural background, and subjective biases. The presence of offensive terms in the word cloud is a stark reminder that societal prejudices can significantly taint perceptions.


  • Names that are less common or have an old-world ring to them like "Jacobus" seem to strike respondents as "scarier" than more modern-sounding names.
  • "Pax," despite its peaceful connotation, is interestingly high on the list, which could suggest that context and familiarity significantly influence the perception of names.
  • Names at the bottom of the list, such as "Adria" or "Sophie," which may come across as softer or more feminine, are perceived as less scary, indicating a potential bias associating femininity with safety or non-threatening characteristics.

From Group 3, select the "scariest" sounding names

What does Group 3 make you think of as a whole?

  • Ethnics
  • Ethnic
  • Coke dealers
  • Black people
  • nigger
  • ethnic complex bertholomew type of names
  • idc
  • more retards
  • I’m based
  • gangster spics
  • Blacks and Hispanics. Probably cause a lot of noise and are annoying
  • Dnr
  • cartel
  • ethnic
  • Niggers and spics
  • Delinquents
  • faggots i would beat the living shit out of
  • Spanish Niggers
  • Darktriad ugly MTNs
  • Group 3 sounds like a bunch of low inhib serial killers
  • Gang criminals
  • Omg scary! I'm peeing myself
  • ugly foreigner names
  • black and hispanic
  • Thugs, cartel members, gangsters, bovinous activities
  • Jova you dalit + dnr
  • Niggers, spics and sandniggers
  • Black people/Latin
  • Black or brown individuals.
  • Latinos and black people
  • Fucking cartel, hoood and terrorist and just a bunch of scary immigrant ready to hit and bully me
  • Incel names probably rot at home all day
  • Scary people
  • Fuckin' shitskins from Thurd World countries.
  • Makes me think of gang members for some reason
  • Criminals
  • Some of them come off as Indian, and I don’t like them. But the Hispanic ones are ok for me
  • Tiny mexicans
  • Swarthy immigrants that commit crime and clean toilets.
  • Shitskincels
  • beaner and blacks
  • ethnics
  • foreigners
  • Majority Latinos and blacks
  • Non NT
  • Deathnik Class
  • Ethnic names
  • Soccer and basketball players ngl, some might have style, low-middle class - middle class citizens
  • Hispanic people, rural people, idk
  • deathniks (very scary)
  • Shitalians with diarrhea
  • Ethnics
  • xangsane is a bbc cuck
  • cartels, gangs
  • Don't ask me tons of questions filthy nigger
  • Crazy motherfuckers
  • They sound like lower middle class/poor folk
  • macho
  • Gang members,criminals
  • A mix of normal teens with some being thugs
  • TF Name Is "GonZaaaLoooooo'
  • Illegal immigrants, gang members, cartel members
  • Untrustworthy
  • Beaners and niggers, loudest of the three
  • soccer players and indians
  • Actual immigrant names, they sound scariest because they are literal nigger tier names.
  • Thugmaxxed blacks and mexicans
  • Cartels
  • Endorsement of abortion
  • Some of them feel like really uncommon names and so I wouldn't pay attention.
  • italian, spanish, middle eastern types
  • Minorities
  • Scary
  • Hard to pronounce names is always the scariest
  • W
  • Gonzalo copium
  • Tayshaun will be slop
  • Group 3 is a huge threat, Idalia escaped the retirement, so I expect Idalia to cause more troubles in the future.

Bar Graph Analysis for Group 3:

: This name leads the frequency count, which may be influenced by its uniqueness or perceived association with African American culture, given the phonetic styling common in some modern names within the community.

Deshawn: Like Tayshaun, Deshawn is often associated with African American identity and may carry unjust stereotypes propagated by the media, leading to its high frequency as "scariest."

Omar: This name, common in Arabic-speaking cultures, might evoke the exotic for some respondents or could be influenced by portrayals in news or entertainment media, which sometimes unjustly depict Middle Eastern or Muslim names in a negative light.

Cristobal: A name of Spanish origin that may evoke exotic or unfamiliar connotations for some respondents, contributing to its position on the list.

Gonzalo: Similar to Cristobal, Gonzalo may carry stereotypical associations with Hispanic or Latino masculinity, possibly contributing to its ranking.

Humberto: This name’s frequency could be influenced by the same factors as Gonzalo, with an added intensity from its robust sound.

Ernesto: Another name with Hispanic origins, its selection frequency as "scariest" might be influenced by cultural stereotypes or the strong consonant start.

Alberto: Less frequently selected than the previous names, Alberto's familiarity may make it less intimidating to some respondents.

Isaias: Perhaps seen as less conventional, which could contribute to its mid-level frequency as "scariest."

Imani: A name of Swahili origin meaning "faith," it's possibly less subject to negative stereotypes within this survey context.

Idalia: With a softer sound, this name might be considered less intimidating, reflecting its lower frequency.

Makayla: As a modern, Anglicized version of Michaela, it may feel familiar and thus less "scary" to respondents.

Word Cloud Analysis for Group 3:

  • The word cloud indicates a strong presence of ethnic and racial language, suggesting many respondents may have been influenced by stereotypes about ethnicity and race when considering which names felt "scarier."
  • Terms like "ethnic," "black," "Hispanic," "cartels," "immigrant," and various slurs are prominent, pointing to an uncomfortable reality where names can be stigmatized based on the racial or ethnic groups they are associated with.
  • The words "scary" and "class" suggest that some respondents are associating these names with social class or societal positions, further indicating bias.

The analysis of Group 3's names reveals a potential bias linking names with a higher frequency of being selected as "scariest" to ethnic or racial stereotypes. This reflects a troubling tendency to let prejudices influence perceptions of names. The word cloud's content emphasizes the importance of addressing and educating against such biases, as they contribute to the stigmatization of individuals based on their names, which are often tied to their cultural or ethnic identity.

Which are the "scariest" names overall and why?

  • Omar
  • Idk
  • Deshawn+Tayshaun. BBC
  • Deshawn
  • xangsane
  • the scariest name is mohamad from india
  • Meredith
  • Deshawn. Any black that has that name is probably gang affiliated
  • omar, terrorist
  • male + containing "pointy" letters (as in blob vs kik), male because females dont pose danger, "pointy" because since childhood easy to pronounce names have been used to describe mild and non-dangerous characters
  • The ones with the niggers and spics
  • Nigger
  • Arab names cuz they're terrorist niggers
  • Milton, Humberto and Jacobus, sound like ancestors from Kings
  • The ethnic ones
  • Tayshaun and deshawn sound like low inhib twin tyrones
  • Deshawn and Tayshaun, because creepy
  • The black sounding names, because they're black
  • edward, gives off a cool vibe tbh
  • the ones that sound like black people
  • Gonzo is the scariest name. A dude named Gonzo has been abandoned by society, his inner circle, his parents clearly for naming him Gonzo, and even himself. Gonzo has nothing to lose. Gonzo is a Mexican, which means he has access to cartels to join, and can sneak through the border and cause trouble. Gonzo is a thug, he's an endomorphic, short, gremlin. Gonzo is the scariest name.
  • Arthur cause of Arthur Shelby
  • The nigger, spic and and sandnigger names
  • All the marked ones in group 3
  • Deshawn and tayshaun, I’m statistically more likely to get mugged by them.
  • Group 1 because they sound like names of serial killers from the early 1900s
  • Deshawn it seems he is black tall and impulsive
  • ERnesto as I'm worried it might go ER also have to watch out for emERy same for AlbERto
  • All of the ones I selected in the last question because I feel unsafe.
  • Bertha, Jakobus and Deshawn.
  • Group 3, ethnic
  • Deshawn and Tayshaun they sound like the names of gang members
  • Tayshaun, Ernesto, Gonzalo, Deshawn b/c they sound like deathnics
  • I don’t find any of them scary, but Tayshaun and Dishaun sound unpleasant. And women would be prejudiced just after hearing them. And for an Indian dude it would lower his chances even further
  • I don’t fucking know nigga
  • Omar, Gonzalo, tayshaun, deshawn, ernesto
  • Tay Shaun
  • the ones from the 3rd group
  • Ethnic ones
  • omar deshawn and tayshaun just bc of vibes
  • Bertha makes me think of a big broad bitch that carries three trunks and tops you with a strapon
  • -shawn names are the scariest
  • DeShawn, self explanatory. Braylen sounds like a typical jock bully. Pat pat.
  • Deshawn, tayshaun, omar
  • Kirk
  • The names that sound made up like Tayshaun. Bertha doesn't sound very flattering to any female.
  • can’t decide, i voted 3-4 for all
  • All the names I selected in group 3 (deshawn, tayshaun, omar, Gonzalo) probably because they seem masculine (not female names or ambiguous) and many are more common names amoung stereotypically violent demographics. for some reason deshawn makes me think of a delinquent, violent, or dangerous individual especially.
  • Ethnic names
  • Tayshawn and deshawn because black
  • Nigga KYS rope it’s over anyways go ER
  • Emery and TaysahaunOne sounds like a alias and other one sounds like I am going to get robbed
  • Tayshaun, self explanatory
  • xangsane is a bbc cuck
  • omar, muslim associationtayshaun, ghetto association
  • Don't ask me tons of questions filthy nigger
  • None
  • Alberto and Deshwan; they give the sound of a rough upbringing, meaning that they are less likely to be inhib about a course of action, and think about its consequence. As a result, I feel they are more likely to develop and not have an inhibition-nature and are more likely to inflict violence and are highly sensitive to emotions and feelings of anger.
  • Tayshaun and Jacobus just sound weirs and scary also ethnic names reminds me or cartel members
  • Ernesto,gonzalo,idalia,imani,isaias,makayla,omar,tayshaun sound like overall immigrants who rape and steal
  • nigger
  • Tayshaun and deshawn are considered driller names, Jacobus sounds like a Elite white guy who is part of a secret society. An swerved by Emeraldglass
  • "Please help!!! Gonzalo tried to rape me!!!"
  • Deshawn, Ernesto, Gonzalo, Humberto, Omar, Tayshaun (they will rape your oneitis)
  • ei tone
  • Suck my cock nigga
  • Deshawn because 15/52
  • pax
  • Pax is pretty scary, literal alpha energy. Tayshaun and Deshawn, I don't have to say anymore. Milton kinda scary only because all the Miltons I've met in my life are scary psychopathic rich megafarmers out in a rural area who probably kill people. Sally and Dolly sound like freaky paranormal ass chicks who curse your lineage.
  • Tayshaun sounds like a dude who'd shoot a guy in the back of the head to steal a pack of cigarettes
  • Xangsane
  • I think the more common names like Nolan or William are the scariest because they feel like they could be relatable to you.
  • all the ones i clicked tbh
  • Names that sound harsh and foreign. Anything that doesn’t easily roll of the tongue is more intense especially those with harsh syallabes.
  • The second group because they are somewhat uncommon names but not silly like Dasahawn or something
  • I have no idea
  • Jacobus because maybe uhhhh I have never seen ppl who have this name
  • Katrina, even if it still had not been used it would be the scariest, it just sounds menacing
  • Bertha, Isaac and Ernesto because Isaac slabbed me in 2012 and Bertha and Ernesto are professional retirement dodgers
  • Overall is Idalia, 2023, Idalia hit the Florida Panhandle as a Category Three storm, but just enough to escape the retirement (as mentioned before), and yet again, we will see Idalia again in the future. Though I was surprised that none of the names form 2023 did not get retired by the WMO. So Idalia is the overall scariest name. The rest of names are not so bad.

Analyzing the combined bar graph, which compares the frequency of names selected as "scariest" from Groups 1, 2, and 3, we can comment on the overall trends:

  • Tayshaun: Stands out as the most selected "scariest" name across all groups. The reasons could be due to its association with a particular cultural or ethnic identity that is subject to negative stereotypes.
  • Deshawn: Similar to Tayshaun, this name's high selection frequency may be influenced by racial or cultural biases. It's often perceived as a modern, African American name, which can carry unjust prejudices.
  • Omar: This name is common in Arab cultures and has a strong association with Muslim identity, which may lead to it being unfairly perceived as "scarier" due to societal stereotypes.
  • Jacobus: Despite being less ethnically marked than Tayshaun, Deshawn, or Omar, its antiquity and rarity might lend it a mysterious or austere quality.
  • Pax: Although it means peace in Latin, Pax might be perceived as serious or imposing due to its short, sharp sound, contributing to its higher position on the list.
  • Cristobal: With Hispanic roots, this name could evoke a certain cultural stereotype that leads to it being perceived as "scarier" within the survey context.
  • Gonzalo and Humberto: Both names have strong Hispanic associations and robust phonetics, which might be factors contributing to their perceived scariness.
  • Ernesto: Another name with Hispanic origins, Ernesto's selection could be influenced by the same factors as Gonzalo and Humberto.
  • Alberto: Less frequently selected as "scariest," possibly due to its wider usage and familiarity across different cultures.
  • Isaias, Imani, Idalia, and Makayla: These names appear less frequently and are possibly seen as softer or having less of a cultural stereotype associated with them in the context of scariness.
  • Nolan, Isaac, Arthur, and Orlanda fall into the lower-middle range of selection frequency, suggesting a more neutral perception compared to the names on the higher end of the scale.
  • Francine, Emery, Viviana, Kenzie, Sophie, Adria, Leah: These names are at the lower end of the frequency count, likely due to their softer phonetics, femininity, or general perception as traditional and non-threatening.
The names on the left side of the graph may reflect underlying societal biases that associate certain phonetics or ethnic and cultural markers with negative qualities. The right side shows names generally considered more conventional or familiar, hence less likely to be tagged as "scariest." This overall trend underscores the role of cultural influences, stereotypes, and personal experiences in shaping perceptions of names.

Word Cloud Analysis:

  • The presence of words like "scary," "ethnic," "black," "niggers," and "spics" in the word cloud is highly concerning, revealing explicit racial prejudice among some respondents.
  • There are mentions of specific demographics and social groups ("Hispanic," "gang," "cartels"), which likely influenced the selection of certain names as "scariest" due to harmful stereotypes.
  • Other terms like "sounds," "like," "group," and "people" suggest discussions centered around the names' phonetics and associations with particular social or ethnic groups.
Gender could play a significant role in the perception of names as "scariest," based on societal stereotypes and gender norms:

  • Masculine versus Feminine: There’s a cultural tendency to associate masculinity with traits like aggression and intimidation, which could lead respondents to perceive names that are typically male as "scarier." Conversely, names that are perceived as feminine might be associated with gentleness or non-threatening characteristics, hence less likely to be considered "scary."
  • Names with Strong Consonants: Masculine names often carry harder, stronger consonant sounds (like "Kirk" or "Tony"), which might be perceived as more powerful or intimidating.
  • Cultural Representations: Male names, particularly those from minority ethnic or racial groups, might be subjected to negative stereotyping based on media representations, which can unfairly characterize them as more aggressive or dangerous.
  • Ethnic and Racial Stereotypes: The bar graph suggests that names associated with specific racial or ethnic identities, regardless of their gender association, can be viewed as "scarier" due to ingrained stereotypes. These biases can affect perceptions of names commonly given to men in these groups more intensely, as they intersect with stereotypes about masculinity.
  • Softness in Phonetics: Names that sound softer, which are often associated with female names (like "Sophie" or "Leah"), are less likely to be considered "scary." This reflects a bias in which femininity is perceived as less threatening.

Overall Conclusions:

  • The overall selection of "scariest" names is heavily influenced by racial, ethnic, and cultural biases. Names associated with African American, Hispanic/Latino, or Middle Eastern identities appear to be disproportionately selected as "scarier," reflecting societal stereotypes and prejudices.
  • The data suggest a troubling tendency to link names uncommon within a majority culture or those perceived as 'foreign' to negative attributes.
  • The word cloud's offensive language points to the need for critical engagement with such data, ensuring responses influenced by hate speech are not used to unfairly stigmatize certain names.
  • It's vital to contextualize this data within a broader societal landscape, recognizing that perceptions of names can be influenced by media representation, personal biases, and broader discriminatory attitudes within society.

The responses you’ve received are quite concerning, displaying a range of biases and inappropriate language. It appears that the survey, which may have intended to gather perceptions on hurricane names, has elicited a number of prejudiced and racially charged statements. This not only undermines the validity of any findings but also highlights the unfortunate presence of discriminatory attitudes among respondents. If the purpose was to understand perceptions of names without context, it’s clear that many participants have attributed stereotypes or negative characteristics to certain names, which is an issue that extends far beyond the scope of hurricane naming. It’s important to approach the analysis of such responses critically, considering the broader implications of the prejudices they reveal.

Based on the survey responses, the names that seem to be most targeted are those that the respondents perceive as ethnically indicative or non-Anglo-Saxon. Specific names mentioned that received negative and prejudiced comments include:

  • Deshawn
  • Tayshaun
  • Omar
  • Gonzalo
These names, and others like them, were often associated with stereotypes and negative behaviors without any justification other than the names themselves. This reflects a concerning bias in how names that are perceived as belonging to certain racial or ethnic groups are treated. It's a clear indication that some individuals hold prejudiced views that associate certain names with negative traits, which is an issue of stereotyping and discrimination.
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@socialcel @TechnoBoss
How did you put this all together?

Mirin the presentation

Would have been cool if you compiled some names people could use to have an edge.

I'm thinking of adopting a normie sounding name for professional purposes instead of using my ethnic one.
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How did you put this all together?

Mirin the presentation

Would have been cool if you compiled some names people could use to have an edge.

I'm thinking of adopting a normie sounding name for professional purposes instead of using my ethnic one.
Thank you so much. I just used Visual Studio Code.
What do you mean by compiling some names people can use to have an edge?
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@hattrick why jfl?
Thank you so much. I just used Visual Studio Code.
What do you mean by compiling some names people can use to have an edge?
Like... Best names for success in corporate / slaying is
1. Jake
2. Lucas

Worst names
1. Gaylord
2. Norman
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Whites created the best names for men and women holy shit meanwhile ethnic names sound subhuman alone brootal racepill
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Yes, scary names in these cases are failo tho, not dark triad. They are not expecting masc chad but a creep.
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Whites created the best names for men and women holy shit meanwhile ethnic names sound subhuman alone brootal racepill
I have added analysis for each group and the overall analysis. Why would you say whites namemog and ethnic names are subhuman?
Yes, scary names in these cases are failo tho, not dark triad. They are not expecting masc chad but a creep.
WDYM in these cases, and why would you say that they're a failo?
Why would they expect Deshawn to be a creep?

Like... Best names for success in corporate / slaying is
1. Jake
2. Lucas

Worst names
1. Gaylord
2. Norman
Remember the chad named Gaylord who wanted to change his name?
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Another good aspie thread
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@iam good boy why. jfl?

Like... Best names for success in corporate / slaying is
1. Jake
2. Lucas

Worst names
1. Gaylord
2. Norman
thoughts on the actual names in the study?

Thank you, thoughts on the analysis and the charts?
It seems pretty accurate considering people who are ethnic commit more crimes would be perceived as more intimidating.
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I haven't analyzed Indian names yet. Sounds scary to women especially.
First of all are you woman

Don't lie to me i poke the shit out of your brain matter
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It seems pretty accurate considering people who are ethnic commit more crimes would be perceived as more intimidating.
Thank you. But I wonder why Tayshaun and Deshawn got the most, beating out the brown names.
Thank you. But I wonder why Tayshaun and Deshawn got the most, beating out the brown names.
They sound the blackest out of all of them.
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They sound the blackest out of all of them.
Weirdly, I wonder why ernesto is perceived as scarier than alberto. There's a dropoff between these two.
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Weirdly, I wonder why ernesto is perceived as scarier than alberto. There's a dropoff between these two.
When I hear the name Erensto I think of a tall Mexican dude, Alberto just sounds like his fat cousin.
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I'm all good and I Tmog you.
Do you even thing you mogg in term of T :forcedsmile:

Just come to my place "Female" I can behead you and stop your suffering
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Americans are so dumb that they think Spanish names = ethnic.

I'm latino, but my first name is germanic/slavic.
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Do you even thing you mogg in term of T :forcedsmile:

Just come to my place "Female" I can behead you and stop your suffering
last time I got my T levels checked they were high.
Americans are so dumb that they think Spanish names = ethnic.

I'm latino, but my first name is germanic/slavic.
to be fair most Latinos in the US are mutts of some sort.
Latinos can be of any race including bbc.
last time I got my T levels checked they were high.
How much btw naturally 1380 got it from the genetically from rapist dalit gene
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what about cuban?

Why does he sound like his fat cousin?
does ernesto/humberto sound higher T than alberto?
Alberto sounds like a goyslop guardian, ernesto sounds like he lifts rusty dumbbells while talking to tortas.
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to be fair most Latinos in the US are mutts of some sort.
Latinos can be of any race including bbc.
Most Latinos in the US are mixed harnizos, yes, but Spain colonized a good chunck of the US before Anglos, they should be aware that González = Spanish surname, not originated from brown people.
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