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Feb 29, 2020
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62d 2h 3m
Just waiting for my chicken and chips so thought I would give a review of my night out.

Me (ethnic ogre), a 4/10 SMV twink NT JBW, a 6/10 robust Bruce Lee looking Riceman, a 6'4' robust, non-thug, banker tyrone mullato, and a 3/10 SMV vanilla JBW went to a bar.

We are all single except the tyrone who is married to a 7/10 rich Chinese girl (obv western Chinese) who they met at work.

The JBW twink (I had not met him before) claimed to be a legit slayer, says he has fucked over a 100 foids, and of those 50 were when he worked as a waiter in a hotel restaurant in Hong Kong. I said oh wow really and he said yeah man, are you kidding, look at this jaw!! So I think he is a looksmaxxer, but tbh jaw wasn't amazing, he is just super lean. He got zero action or attention all night, but he did approach and flirt with girls a lot.

The riceman is fairly quiet and me and him are BFFs, so we just chilled all night, but a couple of JB did approach him cos of how he dances (he has very cool moves).

The vanilla JB got no action, except he was in queue for bathroom and was talking to fat Asian girl and I thought it was my ex so I went over and grabbed him and her like wtf but it wasn't her and she screamed at me and he started white knighting and virtue signalling. In the end he got her Facebook. Her body was 8/10 but her face was like 3 so they are a good match.

The difference was the Tyrone, in one bar we were chilling in a booth and I went to get drinks and when I came back a blond Becky was sitting on his lap sort of dancing, while the jbw twink was trying to get in on the action but getting completely ignored. The Tyrone was playing it cool and not really giving a shit.

In another bar 2 ME/ currywhores in super small dresses came up to the Tyrone and started fawning over him, loving how much they had to crane their necks to look at him. They asked Tyrone where he worked and he said the name and they knew it and then liked him even more, and then he somehow told them about his car (he was driving so not drinking much) and they liked him even more, they kept leaning on his chest, and they asked for his insta but he didn't give it cos obv he is married. Later on one of the same foids cornered him and they made out and he was grabbing her ass and put his hand up her dress so I didn't ask but I know what he was doing.

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