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Aug 25, 2018
Hello guys,

I came across that article on my research to correct my overbite and I've read something interesting.

"Dental overbite is when the patient has balanced jaw sizes but had the lower jaw closing too far and is pushed back towards the ears. It can be completely reversed in as little as one week with one of the most innovative high tech dental health care treatments available today. Bad chewing habits do not cause this problem. Thumb sucking can be a significant contributor. The thumb actually pushes the lower jaw back and the upper teeth forward. The typical thumb sucker has a narrow upper arch and narrow lower arch because of the thumb sucking. (Note that here is a difference between over jet and overbite correction.) "

And this is totally my case, I've been sucking my thumb for many years as a kid and I now have an overbite and a recessed chin. So I tried to push my jaw forward and here is the result : Are you guys able to do that too ? Or it is only because I have a dental overbite ? Do you know a treatment or surgery I could perform ? (I'm 18yo and btw do not pay attention to my hair and facial hair, i'm obviously not like that when I go outside)
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If your bite is good then you should just get genio.
If your bite isnt good then bimax.

Getting the chin more forward would improve you a lot.
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get a myobrace bro. mine will arrive in a week, I have overbite and recessed chin too, more because of mouthbreathing
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