Political pornography, "Tie your own rope!"



Feb 6, 2021
If the black community and thirsty Gen Zers never pushed the BLM protests, riots, and mass looting, and threatened DC that if their pride and joy didn't leave the Oval Office, they would burn this nation to the ground, we wouldn't see this many migrants.

Hey, man, you disrespecting me?

If for one second, you have a shred of belief they fixed the 2020 elections, then why the fuck would they need migrant votes if they can fix the product themselves with a few clicks? Remember, that border was heavily secured in 2020 during the elections. Remember, The Wall? Obviously, they didn't need the migrants then. The logic with the shills doesn't add up.

Glowies challenge my facts with garbage about the Democrats needing physical bodies to attach the votes. They vomited this nonsense on The Gateway Pundit, Newsmax, Reddit, Fox News, and 4Chan's Pol. That's the laziest bullshit I heard so far! That's how I know it had to be shills ejaculating it. Why need a body when you can tap a few keys changing ten votes to one million?

"Muh but what about the ballot counters?"

Are you counting them? Do you personally know anyone counting them? (Stay the fuck off this thread, shills!) During the counting, do we see in real-time each vote counted along with the name of the voter? Confidentiality and trust can and are being grossly abused.

Hey, man, you talkin' back to me?

When the black community warned the hands that feed them but mostly threatened violence that if Trump isn't removed, ugh, they made determined enemies. The worst kind! The rich society. The Deep, Deeper, and "Oh, Yeah, Right There!" State. And don't get me started about the Deepest State. Even the predecessor realms believe that's nothing more than an urban legend. Oh, they exist, motherfuckers. You don't see them because they're so deep inside the crevice of intelligence. Some call them The Cervix State.

The spoiled black assholes had the nerve to demand reparations for their ancestors. Hey, fuck you! And fuck you, they're doing.

Take them out (you gotta keep them separated.)

Today, the unearned money they wanted goes directly to migrants and their handlers. The political pornographers understand how difficult it is in poor neighborhoods, so they went the extra yard and created stress on the businesses so they'll close their doors and leave. As a bonus, the migrants are flat-broke. Especially, the thirsty ones from Africa and Latin America. Those "REAL" Africans don't like African Americans. Guess where they're going to live? In the low-income housing hood! The places that demanded reparations and defunding the police. The places where BLM germinated. Now whine about that, motherfuckers. I dare you!

When did those three country boys kill that Aubry feller scouting white neighborhoods to burglarize? Before 2020, right? When did the George Floyd incident happen? At the very beginning of Covid-19, correct?

The State realms don't stay in the moment and do things by spontaneous reaction. They prepare a defense for anticipated outcomes. And usually, they're correct with their forecast. The black community and Zoomers have the power, the numbers, and free time to shut down every major city in this nation. The realms know that! But you don't.

Why in the hell would BLM be so stupid to threaten DC?? I wouldn't threaten them indirectly. Yet, the retarded people thought they were all that. And with China's TikTok rallying them on, no wonder.

Take them out (you gotta keep them separated.)

Here we go again! Free Palestine. Stop killing the people in Gaza. Shaking my head. Have they learned nothing?? Oh, you support Muslims? You like Palestinians? Then live with them! The realms have been inconspicuously relocating Muslims from Palestine to the USA since October of last year. They're placing them in middle-class and upper-class subdivisions. The rest of Gaza residents will be divided between the USA and the UK. They will be "handsomely" taken care of financially. Thanks, Tax Payers! You fucking retards. Those Muslims will be in your schools and colleges. There will be many burka faces and arrogant men mocking your slutty outfits and idiotic pronouns.

Oh, speaking about the tranny narrative ... of course, a boy can't be a girl. The realms don't give a flying fuck! But they know Alpha men don't like trannies. What fantastic triggers they launch. I call this punishment, motherfuckers. Get used to it!

However, there's the China thing. China has no choice but to go to war with us or our disturbing ideologies and degeneracy will seep into their culture like an infectious disease. They must become the pest control. We are making it to where they have no choice! If they don't act, we conquer them by weakening their people with psychological disturbances, perversion, and morale injury.

Of course, our military isn't 100% rainbow binaries. Of course, we have more than enough soldiers. But we need China to see vulnerabilities. But here comes a major clusterfuck ... China knows that! And yet, we continue the course along the windy road of anticipated outcomes. Intelligence knew they would take advantage of the border crisis. They massively promoted it to the world through mainstream media and social apps! Duh!

The fuck you think this nation is weak? The fuck would you think the Democrats are working with the CCP? They're fucking communist losers, you cocksuckers!

Political pornographers keep the people entertained and distracted while taunting and fucking with the target.

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for diminutive tenuous sensitive minds.

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I've said my peace. But be sure to back up the threads on here. Those people aren't playing. They truly believe they're in contact with the Devil and will do exactly what they're told.

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