Discussion Request for all my spanish niggas or people that visited Latin America



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Jul 14, 2019
Buenos dias, víctima de violación

quiero preguntar algo. ¿Conoces algún buen lugar en América Latina? for tourism and travel
Quiero follar culos latinas. mientras inhala cocaína

agradecería su ayuda

gracias por adelantado
Dios mio...
No perro un día voy a comer los cuellos de latinas en Colombia
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404. How much of a rich cel are u? Your foreigner status will bring u both foids and niggas wanting to rob you
JFL at googletranslatecel.

South America is a decent slaying ground.

Top four countries would be Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador/Brazil, depending on what you would like to do.

In terms of crime, stick to the first three, just don't show your stuff off blatantly and don't act weird and you should be okay, for Brazil yeah you might get mugged to be honest but just give them like ten bucks, avoid the favelas, and you should be okay.

Also if your serious about buying coke, that is definitely more risky, I would NOT trust your taxi driver or whoever to give you legit advice, if you ask them they might take advantage of you. Good way would probably be to make friends while clubbing etc. and then asking them to hook it up.

To slay, just fraud and use local dating apps a few weeks in advance so you can have legit plans when your there, try to learn some Spanish (basics etc.)
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tu Madre una puta
coño manito keloke me das una chupadita de pinga si?

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