Theory Scientific explanation of oneitis

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Aug 25, 2018
The reason why this happens, is because of a substance called 'serotonin'. When you meet you first love, the intense attraction you experience causes your serotonin levels to diminish and very quickly depletes them.

You might as well say, that this oneitis chick, in a way, 'steals' your serotonin. She basically has a piece of your being which is really fucked up.

Also, because your serotonin is wasted on her, you cannot truly love any other girl because you don't have enough serotonin to produce similar emotions. You are bound to love your oneitis forever.

Can you get it back? Of corurse not since it's a natural law that every man gets rejected by his oneitis. But don't worry, you can live without it, it's not a big deal. Serotonin makes you weak and beta anyway.
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Is this actual science or some made up BS?

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