Ascend or Rope
Oct 3, 2018
Most of you guys are not pooping properly


Poopmax by pooping in the same positions our pre-industrialized ancestors did;
"When we sit, this creates what is called an anorectal angle, which essentially puts a kink in the elimination process. This creates upward pressure on the rectum and makes it harder to get feces out. The upward pressure also creates the need to strain, even just slightly, to eliminate the stool. Squatting corrects this angle and removes the kink to let elimination happen more naturally. The squat position is the natural way to achieve easier and more complete elimination. Research has shown that in some people, the kink is completely gone while squatting."

Pooping in the wrong position can lead to health problems.
More info here:

I have been pooping in the right position for over 4 years now and I don't see myself ever going coming back to the sitting position.

Time to ShitMax boyos!
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When someone complements you
you say thank you
I got a hemorrhoid or w.e its called from sitting like that for long time.
will try this at work tonight :feelshmm:
based and redpilled
This helps with movement volumes, but another aspect to consider is if you anally penetrate yourself. The increased diameter of the rectum will increase output and decrease the period. That will make shitting a much smoother process.
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But what do i use to squat though?
Thanks for educating me boyo.
I used to shit in squat position because it's the best way to poop.
since I started to take olive oil to increase daily calories for bodybuilding I don't need to poop in squat because olive oil is a laxative so my shit is never solid
This why curries mog us
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