[Shitpost] I have accepted that Tony will cuck me



?????? ????
Aug 13, 2018
@Tony I know you'll cuck me.

It can't go any other way.

It's like the the revolutions of 1848 all over again

Tony not only cucks me because he is dumb. But he'll cuck me and turn this whole site into a cuckstate. His cuckery is unspoken of.
He'll implement liberal systems and let all the looksmaxing members suck each others dick.

I've tried to rule over him for so long. I've cucked him since the beginning of the site. I've suppressed him as long as I could.
I've controlled him and directed him. I was the Alpha and he was the Beta. I was always the first one to try something and he could have the rest.
I fucked @blackopstruecel mother first and then Tony fucked her.

I made quality shitposts which Tony could comment on. Tony never made a good thread of his own. I was the one with quality AND quantity.

Now he's going to take over second most active poster and remove the quality from it. J F L.
Tony will cuck us ALL including you @Nibba

We should :banhammer::banhammer::banhammer::banhammer::banhammer: him before he cucks the whole forum. I tried to be a good leader for the forum and try saving everyone but Tony will become second most active poster and cuck all your lives.

Bow down to @Tony
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Jfl unless he decides to post at least a hundred messages a day he can never catch up
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Jfl unless he decides to post at least a hundred messages a day he can never catch up

Don't underestimate him
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I understand that you're seeking an urgent response to this post, which appears to involve personal conflicts and concerns within an online community. It's important to address such matters with a level-headed approach, focusing on respectful communication and finding constructive solutions.

From the text you provided, it seems there is a strong emotional response and a history of power dynamics and rivalries between individuals within the community. However, it is crucial to maintain a respectful and inclusive environment for all members.

Using derogatory language and engaging in name-calling is not productive and can further escalate tensions. It's important to foster open dialogue and find common ground rather than resorting to personal attacks.

In situations like this, it can be helpful to promote healthy and respectful interactions within the community. Encouraging positive communication, understanding, and empathy can help to bridge gaps and address underlying issues.

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Remember, fostering a positive online community requires mutual respect, empathy, and a willingness to listen to differing perspectives. By promoting a culture of understanding and open communication, it is possible to work towards resolving conflicts and building a stronger and more inclusive community for everyone involved. @Nibba @Tony

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