[Shitpost] This study shows if you're chad or not (1 Viewer)



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Aug 13, 2018
Choose your color and then click on spoiler:

- Green
- Pink
- Yellow
- Purple

Green = Virgin:incel::incel::incel::incel::incel::incel::incel::incel::incel::incel:. You are virgin lmao. Shouldn't have picked this one. Even if you fucked a girl this just resetted your status to virgin:incel::incel::incel:

Pink = Gay:feelsohh::feelsohh::feelsohh::feelsautistic::feelsautistic:. You're gay with no exception. Lmao why do you pick pink? Are you a secret femoid? DO YOU WANT TO BE BANNED?! Anyone who picked Pink should be banned:banhammer::banhammer::banhammer::banhammer::banhammer:

Yellow = Chad :chad::chad::chad::chad::chad::chad::chad::chad:. Ultimate slayer. If you are virgin then you're not anymore. Chads took your virginity away:chad::chad::chad:

Purple = Cuck. :heart::heart::heart::heart::bluepill::bluepill::bluepill::bluepill::bluepill::feelspanties::feelspanties::feelspanties::feelspanties::feelspanties::feelspanties::feelspanties:. You're a big cuck and bluepilled
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no surprise there i picked yellow
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This is gay and purplepilled
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Dude what the fuck stop marihuano
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Fuck you i choose green bcuz camo since red wasnt included. Obviously red is the slayer color
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Chose green and literally nothing changed pepehands
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