Snippets of my obviously in No ways complete thought processes while on noopept, read whole Text in Order.



C money or other C's
Jul 15, 2022
Snippets of my obviously in No ways complete thought processes while on noopept, read whole Text in Order.
C crime, "lose" by Being in jail then u dont need to do anything and will feel better, because trying to win hurts unbearably and outside of prison Ur forced to try, If u lose by Being in jail Ur Body will Understand there is nothing else to do and therefore will feel good, No painful choice etc, jail Is even better than Life without Money And Bet on never legal Money anyway would be too

Crime even If rich, because even when U have Money U will still have to try to win, in prison u dont need that

Also deserve prison If caught Cuz Not god

Unless u already completely won and all Humans are defeated then u dont need crime anymore

With crime i try to completely win.

Like Said, i First have to come to the Situation where becoming honest is good. And it can be true that when i start with Creatine noopept and Sport that i make even more groundbreaking processes which would speak against crime.
As Long Not Millionaire, crime is better, i could write more but i dont wanna repeat my previous Threads, but i Thought as Long as legal Money Impossible, crime is better

As Long as legal Money Impossible crime, and Not Just foolishly increase iq hoping it one day to be possible in vain.

Crime because in prison u will feel better than outside
At least now legal would be too surprising to Bet on, only through crime u can get a better life
And becoming honest should it Change that current Life is better, you can still.
Its tortorous every day Ur Not in prison, to be forced to Look for legal ways

If its true that legal Money is imp, which is, would be too surprising, system is a Kobayashi maru closed system Like Yugioh gx Duel Academy u can only build certain decks

Fact ist legally i cannot win, illegally i can achieve everything

You can feel that legal is Not worth the effort

+ The tortorous mindfuck ends, u can chill in prison.

In prison u can find your calmness, also criminal Lifestyle is stimulating and remedial, fun to be outside the Rules that hold u Back, its Like u can playYugioh forbidden cards, much stronger then, playing god

Itgoes deeper, there are more reasons why prison is Not bad at all

Only crime can Beat down any unbearable feeling

Crime because its the easiest Thing, instead of mindfucking what Else to do, focusing on crime ends the mindfuck

Outsource anything else except crime except until it overwhelmingly comes

No Lust to Always ponder what c's i should Always have so Crime.


Im thinking on an unbelievably high Level, i Had found strong Arguments for crime today which were this:

But i falsified crime:
Smarter tomorrow paradox. an exploit might appear, its Not definitely will, Not definitely Not, its might, so it can maybe happen, therefore No crime.

Love the difficulty and complexity
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