Motivation Sometimes in life strange things can happen

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Aug 25, 2018
Back in HS, I was in a tutoring class with a few guys and 1 girl. Now, this gir lwas very quiet, didn't talk with anyone unless talked to and she had the highest grades.

At the time, I wanted generic blonde stacies and I found her unattracive because she had black hair and wore braces. I only talked to her a few times in the whole year and the only time she spoke to me was when I had a bruise on my arm and she asked me where I got it.

2 years later, still in HS, I got a huge crush on her. All of a sudden she was perfect to me. I approached her and I managed to get her number. I called her, asked her out and of course, she rejected me. She said "I don't want to go out with you". It was such a soul crushing/traumatizing experience. And even after that, I still had feelings for her.

I went to college 1 year later. We lived in the neighbourhood so I would see her every now and then on the bus/bus stop but we didn't talk.

4 years in college, I didn't find any girl. No girl approached me and the few I hit on rejected me fast. I was so disappointed and depressed. I became a heavy porn addict in order to cope for the lack of sexual success.

At some point, while riding the bus, I looked behind me and my HS crush was standing there. I had a small panic attack, lol. I asked her how she was doing, and she started talking to me asking me stuff about college, what am I studying, how is my uni. She even asked me what I was gonna do later during the day.

She was talking about her uni and I could barely keep up. I was in shock, I couldn't believe that this girl was talking to me in such a friendly way. I didn't make a move on her at that point due to high inhibition from fapping.

But we met again a month later, and this time I asked her out to which she happily agreed.

What I want to say is that you have to keep living. You don't know what opportunities will be presented to you. Maybe you will have better luck than me and even get to have sex. I'm not telling you to be optimistic. I'm telling you to not rope. Maybe something good will happen to you. Don't give up.
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Wish you the best and hope u slay that girl.

These things aren't strange lol. It only becomes strange after something doesn't confirm your this case They'll call betabux and bluepill the moment you post there.

Good things happen to all of us. We all experience happiness, even the african shitkid that got bullied because he drank all the water in the country.
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