Serious Started feeling more high T after drinking eggs



?????? ????
Aug 13, 2018
It has been around 7 days since I started drinking 3 eggs a day.

It might be placebo but I actually think high T is kicking in.

I wake up everyday at 5am and at 5:40 am I go to my paperround where I have to gather all the newspaper. There is some male who helps me with it and normally I am socially shut in but today I didn't feel anything but dominant. My voice was loud af against him and he raised his to match mine.

Went to school today and my voice is way louder + I am more direct.

Eggs have saved my NTness. Drink 6 times the healthy amount of cholesterol a day and you will turn into a slayer. I will turn into a slayer within a few months of drinking 3 eggs daily. Start drinking eggs.
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its ogre
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Such a masucline paper boy
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