TBH had humans evolved like most other animals we would mog foids



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May 19, 2019
Here is the main reason why in nature You have the chooser Vs chosen your eIther a or b it's so bloody brutal tbh And in nature men are the chosen.

Only the best reproduce meaning competition rises but that every male overall becomes better looking.

The same standard does not apply for females so females don't accomcate and get as good looking as the chosen which is us so we end mogging them.

It's different in humans though atleast in trad cuck societies men become the chooser and women chosen it's why 3 out of 10 eastern Europeans have easily 6 to 7 out of 10 women.

Had we evolved like our Ape ancestors we on average would mog females it's a brutal reminder but it's true.

But upside about being human your not dragged down in fatalism.

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