the reason i hate my roomate

Deleted member 8244

Deleted member 8244

white/ 6'0/🇺🇸
Jul 7, 2020
he's fatter uglier, and cringier then me and is ginger, yet has a girlfriend somehow...

I'm most likely gonna be an alcoholic when i reach 21 as i loved drinking this last summer with my friends

who i basically hate now because they are basically 2 couples and one fat bitch who is friends with the gf of my friend.

they've made no attempts to facetime me and just posted shitty memes in their snap group.

also no attempt to visit me up here even though im only an hour away

fucking hate getting used like that.

being a sigma lone wolf is my future, mainly because using my mental resources to fraud nt takes too much effort and doesn't even pay off..

I left that groupchat tbh

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