Blackpill There is 0 depth to relationships

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Deleted member 209

Aug 25, 2018
This stuff is pretty vapid and shallow. People are together just to have sex when they are in the modd, the rest is just filler.

And what's even more stupid is how ou brains overhype these things. It's like video games or alcochol your brains convinces you that this stuff is amazing and will get you high af but once you do them, you realize that it's nothing like you pictured it to be.

I remember when I was 20, I dreamt I made out with a girl and it felt so good. But when I got my first kiss, the moment I leaned over, I knew that it wouldn't eb anything great and it really wasn't. I have made out with 3 girls and I only do it for PDA or foreplay and the girls are more into it than I am.

Sex, of course, is fulfilling and ngl, it will fix all your problems. But the hype you have for it, it will be gone, and it's not gonna be as good as you hype it to. You just forget the hype afterwards.

People are together just to fuck and satisfy their personal needs. Romance doesn't exist. What looks romantic to the eye, is just horniness. Love and emotions, you have these when she is not with you cause women are just a drug. Once you are with her, you don't feel anything at all because you are meant to be with women, it's not something beyond your design like heroin is.
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